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Keeping it in the family! Florida mother, Kathleen Davis, had sex with daughter’s husband, then tried to run him over after he revealed the affair to daughter 

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Kathleen Davis who had been secretly sleeping with son-in-law behind her daughter back was enraged he ‘dared to expose her’
Kathleen Regina Davis, 58, from Florida then tried to run 33-year-old Michael Sciarra over in her Mercedes after he revealed the affair 
Kathleen Davis was incensed her soon to be former son-in-law exposed their indiscretion to daughter Hannah 
The suspect said her lover’s  revelation ruined her relationship with her daughter
Michael and Hannah are now estranged however, Michael told police that he had a ‘sexual relationship’ with Davis before he ended things with his wife
Police witnessed an angry Davis egging Sciarra’s house and car, during the Sept 20 incident in Palm Beach Gardens
She told police who saw her chasing Michael with her car on his front lawn while he dodged the oncoming vehicle, she wanted to kill him by running him over in her Mercedes
Michael is pressing charges against Davis who is charged with assault with a deadly weapon
The couple who have two sons, aged 6 and 2, are in the process of getting a divorce

Kathleen Davis 2Mother-in-lust: Kathleen Davis was arrested after she attacked her son-in-law – he’d revealed their joint indiscretion 

An enraged Florida matron tried to run over her young lover in her Mercedes-Benz coupe after he exposed their illicit sexual encounters. The problem is 33-year-old Michael Sciarra is the husband of Kathleen Davis’ own daughter Hannah.
Sciarra revealed his escapades with Davis. 58, to his now estranged wife. The unrepentant mother-in-law blames her lover for ruining the mother-daughter relationship she once shared with daughter Hannah
Kathleen Regina Davis, from Jupiter, Florida told police she wanted to kill her daughter’s husband, Michael Sciarra, after his admission ruined her family dynamics.
According to the police report, she drove to his home on September 20, where she threw eggs at his house and car.
The responding officer observed Davis ‘driving a black Mercedes two door vehicle in circles in the front yard of Sciarra’s residence.’

Hannah Sciarra and her mother Kathleen Davis 1.pngMother-Daughter bond lost: Hannah Sciarra [left], and her mother Kathleen Davis. While Hannah was cheating on her husband he was cheating on her with her own mother
Police watched while she did donut’s in front of the Sciarra’s house in Palm Beach Gardens, with the officer observing him running in different directions in an attempt to avoid being hit by the Mercedes being driven by charging Davis.

Sciarra went to tell police he had recently broken it off with Davis’ daughter Hannah, and that he had a sexual relationship with Davis before he ended things with her daughter.
He had originally been inside his home when he heard loud ‘banging’ outside, which was when he saw Davis egging his house, and came out to tell her to stop. When he started to call 911 on his mother-in-law, she started chasing him in her car on his front lawn.
After she was arrested Davis copped to the affair with Michael, also admitted she wanted him dead, according to the police report.

Michael Sciarra 2Unbridled villain: Michael Sciarra ‘fessed up to his wife Hannah he had been sleeping with her mother. Police observed Kathleen Davis trying to strike him with her car on his front lawn

From all accounts,the relationship between Hannah and her husband Michael had been in steep decline in recent months.
A police report detailed the indiscretions and admissions of a full blown affair by both Michael Sciarra and his mother-in-law Kathleen Davis.
In the course of the report Sciarra also told police he feared for his life as she chased him down in her Mercedes. He added he was almost hit several times by the car and wanted to press charges.
Davis was arrested on the charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
She was released on $3,0000 bond after spending two days behind bars at the Palm Beach County Jail.

Kathleen Davis  helps daughter Hannah Sciarra get ready for her wedding.pngParadise lost: Kathleen Davis [right], helps daughter Hannah get ready for her wedding. Who broke the trust and can it ever be mended?

But the cheating appears to have been a two-way street in the Sciarra household.

Michael was arrested him on a domestic battery charge in May, after police responded to a domestic disturbance call at the same address for an incident involving Hannah and Michael.
A neighbor called police when he said he heard Hannah screaming.
Hannah Sciarra told responding officers she was at dinner with Michael and their two children, when Michael became agitated by the conversation in which she was telling him about an achievement at work.
Michael  ‘flipped out’ on her after the conversation turned to their marital issues and she disclosed that she was cheating on him with another man, she said. She also claimed he struck her during the outburst.
Officers found the home covered with broken glass and items strewn about the home, with the couple both reeking of alcohol and a visibly upset Hannah nursing a swollen eye.
Michael who had left their home before officers arrived, was persuaded to surrender. He admitted they had a verbal altercation after she revealed was cheating, but denied striking her.

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