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Swingers party nearly ends in tragedy! Jealous Amber Schomaker attacks husband, tries to run him down with minivan after he scored and she didn’t

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Amber K. Schomaker , 28, was arrested after she tried to run her 33-year-old husband over with a minivan
Invited to a swingers party a drunk Amber lucked out paired with the host’s 31-year-old fiance
Her husband had much better luck with the 26-year-old hostess upstairs
When her husband came up for air an enraged Amber attacked him, inflicting serious injuries including an attempt to run him over
Th couple were both arrested after cops discovered the husband may have violated a personal protection order his Amber had against him
She faces charges for assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated

Deputies reportedly, responded to a 911 call in Bay City, Mich., Thursday to see a red or maroon Dodge Caravan in front of a residence and an intoxicated 28-year-old woman trying to pick the lock of a home with a screwdriver in her hand. The Amber Schomaker had a swollen cheek, beside her a  man, who was bleeding from a wound to his forehead. The man injured man was Shoemaker’s 33-year-old husband and she had just made an attempt on his life.
According to court records the owners of the home had just hosted a swingers party which took a violent turn last week when one of the jealous guests drunkenly attempted to run over her husband with a minivan.
The alleged attempt at vehicular manslaughter unfolded Thursday at the Bay City home, where Amber Schomaker and her husband were among the guests invited to a swingers party, according to
Amber reportedly, became enraged when her husband disappeared with the female host as Schomaker cozied up with the host’s fiancé. The 26-year-old female home owner who made the emergency call 911 told deputies she and her 31-year-old fiance had the Schomakers over for a swingers party..
The suspect was downstairs with the caller’s fiance and who in turn went upstairs with the guest’s husband.
When her husband came downstairs, a miffed Schomaker slapped him and dashed outside. Her husband and the hosts followed her out, where she allegedly got in her minivan and drove towards them.
Both men jumped out of the way to avoid getting mowed down by the raging woman.
Schomaker drove away, but returned a few minutes later to viciously attack her husband, police said.
He was left bleeding from the mouth with a deep cut on his forehead, scratch marks and a bite mark on his shoulder, according to court records.
When officers responded to the report, they found an intoxicated Schomaker, attempting to open the house’s front door with a screwdriver. She also reportedly had a scratch down her back and a swollen cheek.
Her blood-alcohol content was 0.156, nearly twice the legal limit to drive and she told officers that she had used the screwdriver to start the car and had been drinking vodka.
Police arrested both Schomaker and her husband after discovering he may have violated a personal protection order his wife had against him.
Schomaker was booked at Bay County Jail, where her bail was set at $35,000.
She faces charges for assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.
She is scheduled to appear in court next on Oct. 12.

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