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Evil stepdad Henri Piette, kept his stepdaughter prisoner for 19 years and raped her every day after kidnapping and “marrying” her’ at the age of 11

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Alleged child rapist Henri Michele Piette, kidnapped his stepdaughter and held her captive for nearly two decades,
The pedophile stepdad fled to Mexico the 12-year-old and held her as sex slave for 19 years
Rosalynn McGinnis was reported missing aged 12 when she was allegedly kidnapped by her stepdad
McGinnis nw 33, said her abductor held her prisoner for 19 years and raped her every day after kidnapping and “marrying” her’
After 19 years of servitude, physical abuse and daily rape McGinnis sought sanctuary in US embassy in mexico with 8 of the nine kids she bore her evil stepdad, June 2016
Piette, 62, was arrested and extradited to the US, last week on a charges of first degree rape
Rosalynn McGinnis 2 Sex offender stepdad alleged kidnapped his stepdaughter [photo], and held her captive for nearly two decades, she managed to escape with 8 of her kids

A 42-year-old man who abducted his preteen stepdaughter and fled Oklahoma 20 years ago had the tables turned on him as his victim has finally brought him down.
Henri Michele Piette, at the age of 62, has just been extradited from Mexico to face justice in U.S. courts.
Rosalynn McGinnis, now 33,  managed to flee her alleged captor with eight of her kids nearly two decades after she was ‘kidnapped’ from her Oklahoma school and taken to Mexico.

Piette is accused of snatching McGinnis after “marrying” her in the back of a van aged 11 and taking her to Mexico, in January 1997.

Henri Michele Piette1Henri Michele Piette was arrested in Mexico and extradited to the US on a charge of first degree rape
Rosalynn McGinnis 1Living in sex slave hell: Rosalynn McGinnis has spoken out about her alleged kidnap and two-decade ‘daily rape’ ordeal

Piette, who was arrested in the country on Thursday after being charged with first degree rape in Oklahoma, kept Rosalynn prisoner for 19 years, she claims.
The rape victim, Rosalynn Michelle McGinnis, was able to escape with her children last in 2017, 19 years later. The mother-of-nine was only able to flee her captor after making it to the US Embassy in Mexico last year, y News OK reports.
Speaking out for the first time, 33-year-old Rosalynn told People magazine: “I knew that if I didn’t get out of there I’d either go insane or I would end up dying and leaving my kids with that man”.
She claims she spent years living in servitude, being beaten with baseball bats, stabbed, being choked unconscious and repeatedly raped after being kidnapped from school in Poteau, Oklahoma in 1997.

Rosalynn McGinnis 3Rosalynn, now 33, claimed she was forced into a life of servitude after ‘marrying’ her stepfather – Henri Michele Piette, 62, was arrested and extradited to the US last week, on charges of first degree rape

Rosalynn, now 33, claimed she was forced into a life of servitude after ‘marrying’ her stepfather
“McGinnis stated that she was sexually assaulted multiple times a day almost every day while she was with Piette,” court affidavits said.
Piette, 62, even gave her a ring after performing a twisted “marriage ceremony” just months before she was snatched, according to the court papers laying out her allegations.
Rosalynn was reportedly taken by her stepfather after her “abused” mother fled with her to a woman’s shelter, investigators said.
He then tried to convince the girl she was his wife.

Rosalynn McGinnis missing person flyerMissing person flyer for Rosalynn McGinnis in 1997  She waived anonymity to shares the story of how she fled 19 years in captivity after being kidnapped

McGinnis has spoken out about her ordeal since returning to the United States. She told People magazine, “I want the world to know. I want him to be stopped and I want justice to be served.”
She told the PEOPLE she was raped, beaten with baseball bats, stabbed, choked unconscious and shot during her time with Piette. “I cried every night,” she said.
In the court affidavit Piette who is scheduled to appear before the Wagoner County District Court, is accused of first raping McGinnis when she was 11 or 12 on a bunk bed in a back room of her home in Wagoner.
McGinnis told investigators Piette “married” her in a van in Wagoner when she was around 11 and even gave her a ring, according to court affidavits. A son of Piette told the FBI in January that he performed the “ceremony” in the van when he was 15.
Piette “took” McGinnis in January 1997 from a school in Poteau after her mother left him because of assaults, investigators reported. McGinnis had been living with her mother at a women’s shelter in Poteau.
“After being introduced to … Piette’s other children as their new mother, they began traveling to numerous locations throughout the United States and abroad including … Texas, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona and Mexico,” an FBI special agent reported in one court affidavit.
With  the rapist changing their names repeatedly “in an attempt to stay hidden”.
They first lived in Tulsa immediately after the abduction, then Piette took his captive to Oklahoma City. He would come back occasionally to Oklahoma and force McGinnis “to mail letters just so people would believe” she was still in the state, the FBI agent reported.
“McGinnis stated that she was sexually assaulted multiple times a day almost every day while she was with Piette,”  court affidavits state.

Rosalynn McGinnis at age 12Rosalynn was taken from her school in Oklahoma aged 12, by a stepdad who coveted her as wife, after her own mother left him as a result of abuse

According to News OK, Rosalynn lived under Piette’s thumb in a remote village in Mexico until she fell ill and needed surgery on her gallbladder.
Her captor forced her to continue her strenuous regime of chores while recovering — convincing her that she needed to escape.
“She grabbed what few funds she had earned and, that June, paid for a taxi to take her and her children to Oaxaca City, Mexico, where she made a call that would change her life”, People reported.
Last June Rosalynn got in contact with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children who told her to make her way to the US Embassy.
Rosalynn was able to flee Mexico after getting in touch with missing children officials and reaching the US Embassy
“It was so nice to be able to tell somebody the truth,” McGinnis, who waived her right as an alleged sex abuse victim to anonymity, told the magazine.
“I was still scared, but it was wonderful not to have to lie anymore”.
She was able to flee the country with eight of her children. Her eldest had run away from home before the escape, but they have since been reunited.
Piette, who the FBI claim “has deep ties to criminal organisations in Mexico” was then tracked down. arrested and extradited.
He remains in custody in Oklahoma, awaiting trial.

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