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Florida mom, Esbeidi Sanchez, shot dead her two sons, aged 5 and 7, as they arrive home from school then turns the gun on herself, just days after she was baptized

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Mom kills 2 sons, herself in murder-suicide, bodies found by husband
Esbeidi Sanchez shot dead her two sons, aged five and seven, as they arrived home from school and then turned the gun on herself
She was baptized in her local church on Oct 1, she shot and killed both her sons before her suicide on Oct 6
25-year-old Esbeidi Sanchez is said to have waited for her two young sons to walk through after school executing them
Her husband Thomas Sanchez, came home to discover the bodies and called for help
Police said that Esbeidi had left a suicide note, detailing the struggles in her life while growing up
Friends, family and members of the church community say they are ‘flabbergasted’ by the double murder-suicide
Esbeidi Sanchez 1
Esbeidi Sanchez, allegedly,  shot and killed both her sons before killing herself on Oct 6

A recently baptized mother of two shot and killed both her sons after they got off the school bus and walked into their house. She shot them both in the head, then she shot herself.
Just days after Esbeidi Sanchez received a baptism from her local church, the Florida mother of two shot shocked family and friends with the gruesome double murder-suicide killing her sons before turning the gun on herself.
The tragic event occurred at the family’s home in rural Jackson County , Florida on October 6, where authorities in Bascom say 25-year-old Esbeidi Sanchez executed her two young sons as they walked through the door at the end of the school day.
After killing Ronaldinio ‘Ronny’ Ramirez-Sanchez, 7 and critically injuring Gustavo ‘Angel’ Ramirez-Sanchez, 5, she used the gun on herself.
Her husband, Thomas Sanchez, came home after a day of working in the Panhandle cotton fields to discover the gruesome scene, frantically placing a call for help with local police, according to USA Today. 
‘Angel’ Ramirez-Sanchez was airlifted to a nearby hospital in Tallahassee, where he pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.
Pastor John Smith, head of the First Baptist Church in Malone, said the community is still in shock over the incident, struggling to reconcile with the events of last week.

Ronaldinio Ramirez-Sanchez [right], and Gustavo 'Angel' Ramirez-Sanchez
Esbeidi Sanchez  executed her two young sons Ronaldinio Ramirez-Sanchez (R), 7, and Gustavo ‘Angel’ Ramirez-Sanchez, 5, as they walked through the door after school on Oct 6 in Bascom, Fla

‘Everybody’s flabbergasted,’ Smith said.  ‘She was a very beautiful lady and seemed like she had a real sweet personality. She didn’t indicate that anything was wrong whatsoever.’
Esbeidi Sanchez, pronounced “Es-Betty,” had no criminal record. Her immediate family had no history with Florida’s child welfare system.
However, records suggest there were problems at home growing up.
Esbeidi’s mother was granted a protection order against her father on March 7, 2005. He was charged the next day with sexual battery, but the charge was dismissed months later.
Before Esbeidi’s second son was born in 2011, she filed a domestic violence injunction against her father. In the petition, she wrote she felt she was in danger because her father “likes violence” and had a gun. She checked a box on the form saying her father had committed or threatened to commit domestic violence and that he’d threatened to kidnap or harm her child.
“He threatened my boyfriend and maybe me and my son,” she wrote.
Her request for an injunction, however, was denied.

Thomas Sanchez, Ronaldinio Ramirez-Sanchez and Esbeidi Sanchez 1 .pngHer husband, Thomas Sanchez, seen in photo [left], with their younger son Gustavo Ramirez-Sanchez , discovered the bodies of his wife Esbeidi [right], and his sons when he came home and called for help.

Some of her friends and neighbors knew she’d had troubles with her father. But no one thought she was capable of violence herself.

Police said that Sanchez, 25, had left a suicide note, detailing the hardships in her life. She failed, however, to convey why she chose to take the lives of her young children.
‘The note that she left does indicate that this is what she wanted to do,’ said Capt. Scott Edwards of the Jackson County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office.
‘Basically it was describing some incidents that occurred in her past that probably led up to this. It mentions the kids, but it doesn’t mention why she would do that to the kids. It’s probably one of the things we’ll never know.’
Shocked neighbors said Thomas Sanchez  ‘accepted it [ the tragic deaths of his family], but don’t understand it.’
Esbeidi Sanchez was said to be highly involved with her children’s studies and regularly attended church with Pastor Smith.
On October 1, she was baptized at her church, which was attended by her children and husband.

Gustavo 'Angel' Ramirez-Sanchez and Ronaldinio Ramirez-Sanchez 2Members on their community are stunned and trying to reconcile events that could have to the early deaths of the Sanchez boys, Ronaldinio 7, and his 5-year-old brother, Gustavo 
Malone Baptist churchEsbeidi Sanchez was baptized at First Baptist Church in Malone five days before the double homicide-suicide which took the lives of her two young sons and hers as well

Teachers at her sons’ school were equally stunned over the news, who saw Esbeidi Sanchez as a caring parent.
‘Mama was very involved in the school,’ said Bryant Hardy, Malone Elementary assistant principal.
‘We loved their whole family. Two very sweet kids, always smiling. Every time I walked by them, they always had a hand stuck up in the air to give me high five. Everything was good to them. They were just good kids.’


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