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Nicki Minaj’s sister-in-law weeps in court, recalling how she learned her husband allegedly raped her daughter

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Nicki Minaj’s sister-in-law takes stand, recalling how she learned the rapper’s brother allegedly raped her daughter
Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani Maraj, who is on trial for rape
Jelani Maraj has  been charged with raping his wife’s  pre-pubescent daughter
Maraj, 38 is accused of raping and sodomizing the 11-year-old victim repeatedly between April 1 and Nov. 30, 2015, as often as four times a week
An expert witness testified last week that there was evidence of oral and penetrative sexual abuse
Maraj has pled not guilty  in his child sex abuse case
His lawyers said his ex-wife, Jacqueline Robinson made her kids lie to police in an attempt to extort $25 million from Nicki Minaj
Forensic geneticist in Nassau County ME’s office, testified she found a “mixture” of DNA on victim’s pajama bottoms, tested Dec 31, 2015
Male DNA found, but she couldn’t be sure Maraj was the donor
Faces 15 years to life in prison, if convicted
Jelani Maraj, 1.jpgJelani Maraj, who is on trial for domestic child rape, exits the courtroom at Nassau County Court on  Oct 24, in Mineola, NY

The saga of the pedophile sex abuse case against rapper Nicki Minaj’s brother entered day four with his estranged wife in an ill-fated marriage lined up with the prosecutors who presented Jelani Maraj as a sexual predator while the defense team claimed the defendant’s wife was a gold digger seeking a $25 million payoff.“There are 25 million reasons why this child was brainwashed to lie and make up these charges,” said defense lawyer David Schwartz.
Jacqueline Robinson, wept on the witness stand Wednesday in recounting how she first heard that her husband allegedly raped her daughter.
Robinson, testifying in Nassau County Court, said her 11-year-old daughter had already become withdrawn and uncommunicative in the months before the Dec. 1, 2015, accusation.

Nicki Minaj_s brother, Jelani Maraj and his ex-wifeJacqueline RobinsonJacqueline Robinson seen [right], during her brief  marriage to Nicki Minaj’s brother, Jelani Maraj, [left], broke down testifying how she found out her daughter was being abused by her then husband

“I went into a room where I met [a case worker] and a child advocate. They told me …” Robinson told the court. She had received a call from the Nassau County Child Protective Services about her daughter, she said, but her husband Jelani Maraj was infuriated to learn about it.
Maraj, picked the child up at school and began screaming at the little girl, according to Robinson.
“He came in and he was yelling at her, asking her, ‘What did you say?’” she testified.
Her sixth-grader seemed remote in the weeks before the allegations were made, Robinson said.
“Very distant and quiet, wanted to be by herself,” said Robinson. “I would ask her what’s wrong. She’d be like, ‘Nothing.’”

Nicki Minaj 2.png
Nicki Minaj’s older brother Jelani is on trial, accused of raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter

At the time of the alleged abuse Maraj was living with his wife Jaqueline in a two-story home in Baldwin, Long Island. The pair were raising two children a girl about 12 years old and an 8-year-old boy.
Shortly after his marriage to Jaqueline Robinson, Miraj, the older brother of award winning rapper Nicki Minaj, was charged with frequently raping his stepdaughter at their home. Incidentally, Nikki Minaj picked up the $30,000 tab for the couple’s August 2015 wedding.
Jelani Maraj, then 37, was arraigned on a first-degree rape charge and freed from a Nassau County jail on $100,000 bail, on Nov. 30. 2015. Nassau County prosecutors accused Maraj of engaging in intercourse with a child under the age of 13.

Jelani Maraj, seen celebrate at his August wedding with sister Nicki Minaj.jpgJelani Maraj, seen celebrate at his August wedding with sister Nicki Minaj,  has been on trial on a first-degree rape charge allegedly against his then 11-year-old step daughter

In their opening statement, prosecutors said the defendant raped the child as often as four times a week, and an expert witness testified last week that there was evidence of sexual abuse.
On Wednesday his estranged wife testified that her marriage was in bad shape before she was told about the suspicions regarding her husband.
“I was tired, going through a lot of abuse in my relationship with the defendant,” she told the court. “The defendant would drink all day. I was becoming sexually frustrated.
“He was sleeping on one side of the bed, I was sleeping on the other.”
Robinson also acknowledged beating her daughter and son with a phone-charging cord or her hand “if they deserved it.”

Jelani Minaj [center], and his father Robert Maraj [right].jpgJelani Maraj [center], and his father Robert Maraj [right], exit Nassau County Court, NY Oct 20 in his ongoing pedophile trial

While prosecutors say Maraj repeatedly raped his wife’s 11-year-old daughter — attacking her as often as four times a week. A key expert witness on Tuesday testified that she couldn’t conclusively link the  defendant to a DNA sample found on the pajamas of the stepdaughter he’s accused of raping.
Erika Ziemak, who once worked as a forensic geneticist in the Nassau County medical examiner’s office, was called as a witness in the Nassau County trial of Jelani Maraj.
Ziemak testified that she found a “mixture” of DNA on the little girl’s purple pajama bottoms when they were tested Dec. 31, 2015. There was male DNA found, she said.
Maraj was tested six months later, but Ziemak testified that she couldn’t be sure he was the donor.
Earlier on Friday a juvenile sex abuse expert testified that Miraj’s 11-year-old stepdaughter was subjected to vaginal and oral sex.
Prosecution witness Dr. Aaron Miller appearing on day two of the trial against Jelani Maraj, told the court: “I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that [the girl’s] medical exam can prove penetration”.
So far, Jelani Maraj has pled not guilty  in his child sex abuse case. He was charged in December 2015 by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office, with raping a 12-year-old girl multiple times. He faces 15 years to life in prison, if he is convicted.


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