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Mistaken identity or hasty conclusion? Possessive dad asked daughter’s boyfriend only, ‘What’s your name’: before shooting him dead, running couple over and killing himself

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Insanely possessive dad, Rafael Arteaga, asked only one question of the young man he assumed to be dating his daughter ‘What’s your name’
Rafael Brena Arteaga, 43, instantaneously shot and  killed Omar Soto on Friday in Arlington, Texas 
Recent college grad, Soto, 22, was out with Arteaga’s 24-year-old daughter Yesenia at the time and Arteaga assumed they pair were an item
He then ran over the Soto and Yesenia as she tried to help the injured man on the ground, leaving her with severe injuries
Authorities initially believed Soto was Yesenia’s boyfriend but another woman has since contradicted that report, claiming they were just friends 
Arteaga thought as much and summarily executed both Soto and his daughter
Police later found Arteaga in his pick-up truck, dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot injury
Omar Soto 7.pngRafael Brena Arteaga shot Omar Soto,[photo],in cold blood outside a movie theater in Arlington near Dallas, Texas, last Friday. believing he was dating Arteaga’s daughter

Omar Soto, 22, was shot dead on Friday night by the father of a woman he was out with

A ‘possessive’ father who shot a man he believed was his daughter’s boyfriend then ran the pair over and killed himself last week asked the young man what his name was before launching the attack.
Rafael Brena Arteaga, 43, turned the gun on himself after shooting Omar Soto, a 22-year-old college graduate, outside a movie theater in Arlington near Dallas, Texas, last Friday.
Soto was with Arteaga’s 24-year-old daughter, named locally as Yesenia, who police say later told them she was his girlfriend.
After watching a movie Friday night, Omar Soto stepped into a car along with two women outside the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington Lincoln Square. They barely  drove just a short distance before a pickup cut them off and stopped in front of them, blocked their passage.
Rafael Brena Arteaga got out of the pickup at the same time as Soto, a University of Texas at Arlington graduate, got out of the car, The Star Telegram reports.
Omar Soto 1.pngOne of his female companions women recognized the pickup driver as her father, police said.
“What is your name?” witnesses report Brena Arteaga asked.
“Omar,” Soto replied.
Within another word Brena Arteaga immediately fired multiple rounds into Soto, who staggered away before he collapsed in the parking lot and died.
Shocked, Brena Arteaga’s daughter Yesenia, who police believed was Soto’s girlfriend, rushed to try to help him, but Arteaga was not done.
He climbed back into truck. – “He backs up the pickup and drives to the area of the parking lot where he [Soto] had collapsed,” police Lt. Christopher Cook said Monday. “He then deliberately drove at Soto as his daughter was trying to help him.”
Having run over his daughter Arteaga  sped away, police said.
Yesenia told responding officers:  ‘My dad did this,’ ” Cook said. She was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.
Significantly, another woman who was not involved in the incident has since said Omar Soto and Yesenia were just friends and that she was in fact his girlfriend.
For her part, Ashley Gutiérrez, a 21-year-old girl, told Telemundo 39 that she was Omar’s girlfriend and they had a stable and trustworthy relationship for 2 years.Ashley’s mother said that they will collaborate with the authorities to clear up this confusion because she said that her daughter was really Omar’s girlfriend. ” His family can tell you that my daughter was the bride, ” reiterated Ms. Gutiérrez.
Arteaga, whom police described as ‘very possessive’ and ‘protective’ of his daughter, believed they were an item on Friday when he tailed them and swerved in front of them in his pick-up truck to block their path as they left the movie theater.
After shooting Soto, he got back into his pick-up truck then ran over him and his daughter who had rushed to help him, a move police say was deliberate.

The Movie theatre in Arlington Dallas 1Soto had just left this movie theater in Arlington, Dallas, Friday with two female companions including Arteaga’s daughter when her father suddenly appeared in his pick-up truck and blocked their path and shot him dead
Arlington PD investigating a deadly shooting outside a popular mall area..pngArlington police department investigating the deadly shooting outside a popular mall area, Friday

Hours later, police found Arteaga’s body in the car in a parking-lot.
Police have not revealed whether he and his daughter were estranged or how he knew where to find her when he carried out the killing.
Arteaga’s daughter remains in hospital with serious injuries.
Soto’s girlfriend said she had never heard of Arteaga or his daughter until she learned of her boyfriend’s death. Soto’s family started a GoFundMe page raising funds to pay for his funeral.


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