Joshua Salyers, was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his girlfriend, by slicing her throat after she threw him out of their home in Muskegon, MI
Joshua Salyers, 32, brutally attacked Barbara Dailey, 22 in her Muskegon, Michigan, home in 2016
The mother-of-three was covered in bruises and had a cut across her throat 
Cops responded to a 911 call from a man saying his girlfriend was beaten, Dailey was taken to hospital and died from her injuries a short time later
Salyers later admitted the injuries and was charged with her murder 
Salyers has been sentenced to life in prison without parole, Thursday, after he was found guilty of the murder of Dailey
Joshua Salyers 4Joshua Salyers, [photo], was found guilty of the murder of Barbara Dailey and was sentenced to life behind bars without possibility of parole
A  man from Michigan who was found guilty in the brutal stabbing death of his girlfriend has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.
Joshua Salyers was accused of brutally killing his estranged girlfriend Barbara Dailey, 22, in March of 2016.
Salyers, 32, was convicted of first-degree premeditated murder in September after a four-day trial. He maintained his innocence throughout the trial, and claimed he was attempting to stop Dailey from committing suicide by slashing her own throat while she was home alone.
Joshua Salyers was found guilty of the murder of Barbara Dailey and will now spend the rest of him life in prison.

Barbara Dailey 5Barbara “Barbie” Dailey had moved on from Salyers when he stalked her and slayed the mother-of-three

Barbara Dailey 4Joshua Salyers, has been sentenced to life in jail without parole after his estranged girlfriend and mother-of-three Barbara Dailey [photo], was brutally killed inside her Michigan home

recanting his earlier story that he, in fact, was attempting to stop her from committing suicide by slashing her own throat, Salyers finally admitted to murdering the mother-of-three by slashing her throat.  After the couple had a massive argument, she broke up with him and kicked him out of the home they shared.

Dailey suffered severe blunt force trauma to her head, neck and upper back and four cuts on her neck.
One of them was a 12-centimeter gash, deep enough to cut her jugular vein and trachea.
She was also covered in bruises, evidence that she had been strangled along with cuts and abrasions, an indication according to the medical examiner, that she had been in a fight for her life.

Barbara Dailey and her killer Joshua Slayers 2.pngBarbara Dailey’s [left] was covered in bruises and had a cut across her throat. Initially, Salyers told police his girlfriend had been attacked by someone else

Barbara “Barbie”  Dailey had just  moved out of the home she shared with her boyfriend, Joshua Salyers, and moved in with the grandmother of her eldest daughter, according to family.
That Sunday she posted a photo of herself on Facebook with the comment “Change is good.”
Later that day after she called her father to tell him to kick Salyers out of his house . But by 7 pm that same day she was found dying from an assault in the home in which she was living.
Dailey, the mother of three girls, ages 4, 2 and 8 months had maintained a good relationship with her oldest daughter’s father. She was in her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s home when she was assaulted.

Joshua Salyers and Barbara Dailey.pngWhen police arrived, they found Dailey [right], with cuts and a blunt force trauma to the head. Salyers [left], was also at the scene 

Judge Timothy Hicks said the grisly murder was among the most ‘vicious’ he has seen in his time on the bench.

‘I’ve been here about 21 years now, and only a couple of other times have I seen such a vicious injury as that you inflicted on Ms. Dailey,’ Hicks said.
‘The only way he will find peace is he accepts what he did. Salyers needs to the think about what Dailey’s thoughts were in the last few moments of her life.’

Barbara Dailey and Joshua Salyers 1The mother-of-three had recently kicked her boyfriend Salyers [seen hugging her photo right], out of the house and broken up with him

After leaving Dailey close to death, lying face down in a pool of blood on Sept 4, 2016, Salyers made a hysterical call to 911 and told responding officers Dailey had called him to say she was being attacked.
He also told officers he had seen a black man running from the scene.At the time of his arrest Salyers told that he saw someone else running from the murder scene which lead to police taking an innocent man into custody at gunpoint. He later recanted his initial statement and blamed Dailey for her own death.
After hours of questioning by detectives, Salyers changed his story to say he and Dailey had fought over the murder weapon after she had already cut her own neck and that she suffered several other gashes during the struggle.

Joshua Salyers killed Barbara Dailey in this home 6.JPGSalyers murdered barbara Dailey in this house in Muskegon, Mich. on Sunday night, September 4, 2016.

He claimed he made up the story of the black man to prevent Dailey from losing her three daughters due to her suicidal tendencies.
The jury however, agreed with the prosecution, who said Salyers was planning the attack hours earlier when he posted an ominous message on Facebook that read “One cut, two cuts, three cuts four. What I have in mind will ease this pain for real.”
According to MLive Before Salyers was sentenced, four of Dailey’s family members addressed the judge to give impact statements.
‘I truly hope he can accept his crimes and accept his guilt,’ Doug Carlson, a neighbor and family friend said. ‘He stole the life of a beautiful mother, leaving three beautiful girls behind who will never feel her love again. Words can’t describe the hurt and pain you’ve made everybody feel.
‘I want you to feel pain every day for the rest of your life. I called you a friend and trusted you.’