Dry cleaning bag dress 4.pngTransparent polyester was used to mimic the plastic bags that wrap dresses and suits straight from the dry cleaners for this $700 Moschino dress.

Italian fashion house, Moschino, has succeeded, in garnering attention with its controversial ‘All-thrash’ collection which debuted without a ripple at the Milan 2017 Fall/Winter Fashion Week.
The most noteworthy is a dress that looks like plastic wrap from a dry cleaner first made an appearance on the runway during the Milan Fashion Week. Now on the audacious design is on sale, the reactions off the runways however, is a mix of praise and outright skepticism. By the way, the dress is available for sale for approximately $700 – $895.

Dry cleaning bag dress 3.jpgA model walks the runway wearing the transparent dress at the Moschino Ready to Wear fashion show during Milan Fashion Week 

The “Cape Sheer Overlay Dress” description reads: “This clear Moschino dry cleaning cape overlay dress is the only kind of laundry you’d be willing to do (for your trusty au pair takes care of that kind of stuff). This dress showcases the brand’s economical Fall/17 runway theme and features a slip-on sleeveless design made from a see-through polyester re-used ‘plastic bag’.

Dry Cleaning bag dress 9.png

‘Note that the “dress” is see-through, so unless you want to be arrested, you’ll need to wear an actual dress underneath it’, the ads read

Dry cleaner bag dresses are, apparently, part of creative director Jeremy Scotti’s all-trash themed fall/winter 2017 collection.
The Italian fashion house used transparent polyester to mimic the plastic bags that wrap up your dresses and suits straight from the dry cleaners. The bag dresses come complete with screen printing of “Free pickup and delivery” stamps and a white triangle topper that says “We (heart) our customers.”