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Top politician’s son dead after groin attack! Spurned wife accused husband of infidelity, before slicing his privates, stabbing him in the back

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Son of onetime leader of former ruling party murdered by wife, Sunday in the Nigerian Capital, Abuja in a tragic case of domestic battery
Maryam Sanda, is accused of stabbing her husband, Bilyamin Muhammed Bello to death over allegations of infidelity
Bello, 35, is the son of Haliru Bello, a former chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party [PDP], and minster for defense in the last govt
After seeing text messages, Sanda reportedly, stabbed Bello, several times in the back and genitals at their home in Maitama, Abuja Nov 19
She then drove him to the hospital for treatment, where he died 
The couple who had been married two years, had a daughter together 
Before the fatal attack, the real estate tycoon was about to divorce Sanda, having complained about her history of domestic violence to family and friends
Banker’s daughter, Maryam Sanda had a history of domestic abuse against husband – in a prior case, she bit off part of his ear during an argument
saana-two.JPGMaryam Sanda, seen with their daughter, has been arrested for the stabbing death of her husband, Bilyamin Muhammed Bell, in the Nigerian capital of Abuja, Nov 19
Police in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, Sunday announced the arrest of Maryam Sanda for allegedly stabbing her husband,Haliru Bello to death.
Haliru is the 35-year-old son of Haliru Bello, one time chief of the country’s former ruling party,  the Peoples’ Democratic Party [PDP].
Police spokeman, DPS Anjuguri Manzah, confirmed Sanda’s arrested on Sunday night.
The suspect, herself the daughter of bank CEO Hajia Maimuna Aliyu, would be charged to court after investigations have been concluded, DPS Manzah told the news media.
Bilyamin Muhammed Bello 1.png
Victim, Bilyamin Muhammed Bello [left], and his suspected killer Maryam Sanda [right], shared a daughter in their young marriage
Maryam Sanda, reportedly  killed her husband on Saturday night, stabbing him several times. She allegedly attacked her husband based on allegations of infidelity after seeing a text message  on his phone. Maryam was said to have stabbed Bello, who would have clocked 36 on November 23, thrice in the back. She also reportedly stabbed him several times on his genitals.
After stabbing him, she drove him to the hospital for treatment but he did not survive the attack.
Maryam Sanda and Bilyamin Bello 4.png
According to reports, Banker’s daughter, Maryam Sanda [left] had a history of domestic abuse against husband, Bilyamin Bello [right]

It was not the first time Maryam  has been booked for domestic battery against her husband. During a previous violent attack, the suspect  bit off part Bello’s ear, during an argument. The victim reportedly turned down the advise to move out of the shared home, preferring to return home after hospital treatment.
The couple who had been married two years shared a daughter together.
Bello’s father was the acting chairman of the PDP board of trustees from 2015-2016, minister of defence from 2011-2012, and minister of communications from 2001-2003.

Maryam Sanda 2.JPG
Maryam Sanda [photo], allegedly stabbed her husband, Bilyamin Muhammed Bello to death on Sunday

Before the fatal attack the victim was planning to divorce his wife. Bilyamin, a real estate developer and businessman, was said to have complained several times about his wife’s penchant for domestic violence to some family members and friends.

A source close to the family was quoted as saying: “Maryam had attacked Bilyamin before the latest incident, which unfortunately led to his death.
“The two got married about two years ago when the former PDP chairman persuaded his son to marry Maryam. Everyone was shocked by Bilyamin’s death; it was sudden, unexpected and tragic,” the source said.



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