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California mom sentenced to 27 years for plotting to kill divorce attorney going against boyfriend – Renee Perillo and her son was convicted for kidnap conspiracy and murder-for-hire

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Mother is convicted along with son in kidnap-murder plot
Renee Perillo was sentenced to 27 years in prison, Monday for plotting to kidnap and murder a divorce lawyer who was chasing her doctor boyfriend for the rest of his ex-wife’s settlement in May 2015
Perillo, 54, of Glendale, California jumped bail after being caught in the process of committing a felony, but later  pled guilty to conspiracy to commit kidnapping and murder-for-hire in May 
Her son, Richard Perillo, 24, of Laughlin, Nevada, will be sentenced later this month on December 14 
Richard pled guilty to conspiracy to commit kidnapping and transportation of a firearm across state lines with the intent to commit a felony
Renee Perillo and her son Richard were waiting in the backseat of an SUV in May 2015 to ambush attorney Rebecca Eimerman as she came out of her home
The pair were arrested and police found a gun, a rubber tourniquet and a knife, released on $20,000 bail, the mother and son ‘hit team’ went on the run
Eimerman was pursuing unpaid divorce settlement money from Perillo’s boyfriend, Dr. Arnaldo Trabucco of Fort Mohave, Arizona, on behalf of his ex-wife
Renee Perillo and her son, Richard Perillo 1.pngRenee Perillo of Glendale, California and her son, Richard Perillo of Laughlin, Nevada,  both have been convicted of plotting to kidnap and murder  Rebecca Eimerman

Renee Perillo pled guilty on counts of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and murder-for-hire.
Perillo from Glendale, California hatched a plot to kill Indiana divorce lawyer, Rebecca Eimerman, attorney for her boyfriend’s ex-wife. Eimerman from Noblesville, was seeking to collect unpaid divorce settlement money from Dr. Arnaldo Trabucco.
Perillo’s 24-year-old son, Richard, was also involved in the plot.
Richard Perrillo pled guilty to conspiracy to commit kidnapping and transportation of a firearm across state lines with the intent to commit a felony. His sentencing has been scheduled for December 15, when he will be facing the possibility of a life time behind bars.

Renee Perillo 1.jpgRenee Perillo of California received a 27 year sentence after pleading guilty to plotting to murder  Rebecca Eimerman, an Indiana divorce attorney

The two suspects, alleges a probable cause affidavit, traveled to Noblesville and conspired to kill attorney Rebecca Eimerman.
The Indystar reports that Nobelesville based attorney, Rebecca Eimerman was pursuing unpaid settlement money from Perillo’s boyfriend, Dr. Arnaldo Trabucco of Fort Mohave, Arizona, on behalf of his ex-wife. The divorce was filed in Bartholomew County, when the Trabuccos lived in Columbus and settled in 2010.

 Rebecca Eimerman 1.pngDivorce attorney Rebecca Eimerman, [photo], was the target of the murder-for-hire plot by the Perillo mother and son

By a stroke of fortune Eimerman’s husband got into his wife’s Chevrolet Suburban first on the morning of May 15, 2015 to back it out of the driveway, when he saw the Perillos in the back of the SUV and called the police.

The arrest affidavit states that the duo were still in their SUV when police arrived and claimed to be homeless, but the police search yielded a handgun along with a filled syringe.
Other unsettling implements for the scheme including a saw, a shovel with dirt on it, latex gloves, duct tape, a hammer, a tranquilizer gun, a machete, a blond wig and a silicone mask depicting an elderly man’s face, were found in the vehicle the Perillo’s parked near Eimerman’s home, according to the court documents.
Forensic examinations later showed that the syringe contained a lethal dose of a drug used in anesthesia called succinylcholine, rather than heroin. The Indystar reported that the handgun found on the suspect was registered to a Nevada man who allegedly claimed he had sold it to Trabucco, according to the affidavit.
The ‘Team’ were also in possession of several identification and credit cards belonging to Eimerman, who said she had left her wallet in the SUV, according to police sources.

Dr. Arnaldo Trabucco 1.pngRenee Perillo’s boyfriend, Dr. Arnaldo Trabucco, [photo], of Fort Mohave, Arizona, was facing processes for unpaid settlement money to his ex-wife from divorce attorney, Rebecca Eimerman 
The pair were arrested on drug and gun charges. After Perrillo was released from jail in Noblesville on a $20,00 bail bond put up by Trabucco,  she fled west.
Her son and accomplice Richard Perillo headed for San Diego while Renee fled to Montana.

Indiana authorities continued their investigations while the duo were on the run.
Eimerman had recognized Renee Perillo as the woman who was dating a client’s ex-husband and told authorities she feared for her life.
Police reportedly, found a white Toyota Avalon parked near Eimerman’s home that looked like it was being lived in, according to the affidavit. While it was owned by a Florida management company, it was insured by Trabucco. It had a stolen license plate, the affidavit said.
Investigators also discovered that Richard Perillo had bragged to two inmates in the Hamilton County Jail that he had traveled to Noblesville to kill a local attorney, after the two were booked in the Hamilton County Jail, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Richard Perillo 1.jpgRichard Perillo bragged to an inmate he had gone to Indiana to kill a local attorney.  After his guilty plea, sentencing is scheduled for Dec 14. He is facing life in prison 

When police found the Perillo’s car it contained a shovel, latex gloves, duct tape, a hammer, a tranquilizer gun, a machete, a blond wig and a silicone mask of an elderly man’s face.
Police searched Renee Perillo’s phone and found multiple Google searches of Eimerman and her home, the affidavit said. The phone contained photos of Eimerman’s home and her SUV.
‘This devious plot to murder and kidnap a victim is beyond any logical comprehension,’ United States Attorney Josh Minkler said in a statement. ‘Ms. Perillo will have many, many years in the Department of Corrections to think about her actions.’
During the course of their investigation, U.S. attorneys determined there was a second intended victim, according to federal court documents. Before initially coming to Noblesville, the Perrillos had traveled to Nebraska and dug a grave, according to federal documents, but could not find the intended victim, whom federal officials declined to identify.



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