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Dead North Carolina girl, Mariah Woods, 3, ‘was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend, Earl Kimrey,’ and ‘her mother knew’

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‘Records indicate Kristy knowingly cohabited with an abusive thief and drug addict in the same environment as her vulnerable kids, and when her daughter disappeared, participated in the cover up lie’

Mariah Woods ‘was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend’, Earl Kimrey
CPS say Kristy Woods ‘knew’ Kimrey molested her toddler
Divers recovered the body of 3-year-old Mariah Woods Saturday in Holly Shelter Creek, North Carolina – 25 miles away from home
Mariah’s mother’s live-in boyfriend Earl Kimrey has been charged in the death
Child Protection Service documents reveal he was also accused of sexually abusing her and physically abusing her brothers
One witness at their trailer said Kimrey was seen putting ‘his penis in the mouth’ of little Mariah Woods
Kimrey, 32, was arrested on Saturday and charged in connection with her death
He is charged with concealing of death, obstruction of Justice, 2nd Degree Burglary, Felony Larceny, and Possession of Stolen Property Earl Kimrey [left], and three-year-old Mariah Woods [right]3.pngEarl Kimrey [left], has been arrested in the disappearance of his girlfriend Kristy’s three-year-old daughter Mariah Woods [right], whose body was recovered on Saturday. Child Protection Service documents reveal he was also accused of sexually abusing her
A man accused of dumping his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter in a North Carolina creek had allegedly sexually abused her before her death.

Earl Kimrey was seen putting ‘his penis in the mouth’ of little Mariah Woods by a witness who lived in the family’s trailer with them, according to Child Protection Service documents.
Child services report that his girlfriend, Mariah’s mother, 29, ‘knew Mr. Kimrey was sexually abusing the juvenile Mariah.’  

Kristy Woods and Mariah Woods 1.pngKristy Woods [left], with her daughter Mariah, reportedly knew about her boyfriend was abusing her toddler

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Earl Kimrey and Kristy Woods 2.pngKristy Woods seen here with her drug addicted, pedophile boyfriend Kimrey, allegedly was an enabler who was aware he was abusing all her children

Kimrey  told police he was the last to see Mariah alive. Kimrey, an alleged meth and heroin addict, also abused the young girl’s brothers, aged 5 and 10, hitting them with a belt and once punching her eldest brother in the face, according to the documents seen by JD News.

Deputies have since charged the 32-year-old in connection with Mariah’s death.
Arrest warrants say Kimrey moved Mariah’s body from where she died, knowing her death was not natural. They haven’t said how they think the girl was killed.
On Saturday, Kimrey was brought before a magistrate to be charged with concealing a death, obstruction of justice, burglary, larceny and possession of stolen property.
Earl Kimrey charged with the death of 3-year-old Mariah Miller

He is now being held in county jail on a bond of $1,010,000.
‘It was too late to save Mariah the moment the 911 call came in,’ FBI agent Stanley Meador said of the call the girl’s mother made Monday to report her missing. ‘The arrest warrants are public record and the records speaks for themselves. We will not discuss any details related to the homicide investigation.’
One arrest warrant also charges Kimrey with larceny, breaking and entering and possession of stolen goods, according to News Channel 12.
He is accused of stealing two dressers after breaking into a home in Jacksonville between 11pm on Sunday and 3.30am on Monday.
Kimrey has a long criminal history which includes charges for larceny, assault, threats to government and being drunk and disorderly.
The charges date back to 2002. They stretch over several counties and two states.

Mariah Woods 1Mariah Woods was assaulted, killed and dumped in the waters of a creek allegedly, by her mother’s boyfriend.
Mariah's biological father Alex Woods with his wife Heather .pngMariah’s biological father Alex Woods, [right], with his wife Heather earlier this week. He had not seen his daughter for more than a year, and did not believe Kimrey’s story that his daughter was abducted by a stranger. 
Alex Woods 2.pngAlex Woods holds a pair pink hearts as he prays for his daughter, on Tuesday. Woods and his ex-wife, Kristy, are locked in a custody battle of their boys aged 5 and 10
Kristy made a tearful appeal to her daughter's abductor earlier in the weekCPS records suggest she knew all along: Kristy made a tearful appeal to her daughter’s abductor earlier in the week, for her safe return 

The youngster was reported missing from her bed at around 6am on November 27 when her mom Kristy Woods went into her bedroom to wake her up and found she was gone.
She revealed that the last person to see her daughter was her live-in boyfriend, Kimrey, who says he told the girl to go back to bed when she came out of her room around midnight.

Earl Kimrey and Kristy [Mariah's mother], Mariah Woods and her two brothersThe suspect Earl Kimrey with Mariah, her mom Kristy Woods and her two older brothers. Kristy knowingly cohabited with an abusive thief and drug addict in the same environment as her vulnerable kids

They claimed that the youngster had been snatched from their home in the night but Mariah’s father, Alex, immediately suspected Kimrey who was later arrested.
‘Someone just walked right up in there, grabbed the 3-year-old out of the bed and she didn’t cry, she didn’t scream?’ he’d asked, incredulously, after she disappeared.
‘Nobody heard anything? Four people in the house, two adults and two kids, someone just comes up and snatches the baby and walks out?’, he aid.
An organizer for the National Center for Exploited and Missing Children speaks to volunteers on Friday before they went out to look for the girl.
Kristy had made a tearful television appearance after her daughter went missing, begging: ‘Please, bring her back.
‘I love her. I’ll do anything that I can, whatever you want.’
Law enforcement officials also searched the home and the family’s car for evidence.
Late on Saturday, divers recovered her body from the bottom of Holly Shelter Creek along Shaw Highway in Pender County creek about 25 miles from Mariah Woods’ home in Jacksonville.
Kimrey appeared in court on Monday, wearing body armor and surrounded by guards, for his first hearing. He has not yet made a plea.
Meanwhile, Mariah’s father Alex is demanding custody of his two sons he has with Kristy.

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