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Former Asst Attorney General, Andrew Spark , accused of soliciting sex from multiple inmates in different jails in central Florida.

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Charges pile up for disgraced pervy Florida lawyer 
Investigation reveal Andrew Spark was soliciting sex from multiple inmates in different jails throughout central Florida
Spark, 54, was charged Sunday with filming porn with inmates he’s accused of having sex with while visiting jailhouse 
Andrew B. Spark was caught Sunday, having sexual relations with a female inmate while in a private room of a jail that’s normally reserved for attorney-client meetings
Authorities said Spark was really a kinky punter masquerading as a counselor to go meet the jailed escorts.
Spark would have the women perform acts on him while he was also filming porn with the female inmates inside the private jail meeting room – The encounter cost him $30 – $40 a pop, paid into inmate’s commissary account
He is charged with introduction or possession of contraband in a county detention facility and also misdemeanor charges of solicitation for prostitution and exposure of sexual organs
A Florida attorney Andrew B, Spark already under investigation for engaging in sexual relationships with inmates at one jail is accused of having sex with another female prisoner at a second facility in central Florida.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office announced in a press release on Friday that an arrest warrant has been issued for 54-year-old Spark after investigators learned that he used his personal tablet to snap photos of himself having sex with an unidentified inmate at the Falkenburg Road Jail.
The one time Assistant Attorney General is wanted on charges of possession and introduction of contraband into a detention facility and solicitation for prostitution.
According to the sheriff’s office, jail phone call records revealed that Spark and the inmate spoked for more than five minutes on Oct. 12.​
Florida lawyer, Andrew Spark, charged with having sexual relations with female inmate while in a private jailhouse room reserved for attorney – client meetings
Spark offered to put $10 in the inmate’s commissary account and the pair talked about when they could meet up without being seen.
A day later Spark visited the woman in jail saying he was there on official attorney business.

Andrew Spark 4.jpg.jpgFlorida lawyer Andrew Spark is accused of soliciting sex from multiple inmates in different jails throughout central Florida. He filmed the encounters

Instead, Spark used his tablet to take photos of the woman performing sex acts on him in a secure, un-monitored, attorney client privilege visitation room.
The incriminating photographs were discovered during an ongoing investigation that Spark filmed pornographic videos with 28-year-old prisoner Antoinette Napolitano at the Pinellas County Jail.
Spark was initially arrested on Sunday on charges of soliciting for prostitution, exposure of sexual organs and possession of contraband in a county detention facility but was released after he posted bail of $5,300 bail.
Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said there could be more victims across several other jails in Tampa Bay and central Florida.
Following the current warrant, authorities in the Hillsborough County have asked anyone with information on Spark’s whereabouts to contact the County Sheriff’s Office.

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