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Princess Michael steps into racist goo AGAIN! Royal shows rather poor judgement, wears ‘racist’ brooch to Christmas lunch with Meghan Markle

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Royal married to queen’s cousin for the second time is mired in racist controversy with fashion faux pax at Christmas lunch with new addition to family, Meghan Markle
Princess Michael of Kent stokes embers of racism wearing controversial blackamoor brooch to function attended by newly engaged royals, Meghan and Harry
Princess Michael of Kent wore controversial brooch to Queen’s Christmas lunch, Wednesday
Blackamoor is genre of art or jewellery showing men and women with black skin, often depicted in the role of slaves 
Event was the first formal meeting of Prince Harry’s mixed race fiancée Meghan Markle and the extended royal family  
 ‘Meghan meets the family and is greeted by THIS?’ – Social commentator

Princess Michael of Kent found herself at the center of a public backlash after she was spotted wearing a ‘blackamoor’ brooch to the Queen’s Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace, attended by Prince Harry’s mixed race fiancée Meghan Markle.
The royal, who is married to the Queen’s cousin, Prince Michael, could clearly be seen wearing the jewellery on her coat as she drove through the gates on Wednesday.
She was not sat at the same table as Markle who was attending the event for the first time, but would have been introduced to her at the intimate, private gathering.
Prince Henry ‘Harry’ Windsor’s bride-to-be, whose former lighting director father, Thomas Markle is white, and mother, Doria Ragland, is black, has often spoken about the racism she experienced both as a child and as a grown woman.

Princess Michael of Kent 1.pngDrawn to racial controversies: Queen’s sister-in-law, Princess Michael of Kent proudly sports racist blackamoor brooch
Meghan Markle 3.pngRadiant bride-to-be Meghan flashed her engagement ring from the front seat of Prince Harry’s SUV as she left the Queen’s annual Christmas lunch, later that day
Harry and Meghan's official engagement portrait.pngHarry and Meghan’s the official engagement portraits were released a day later
Blackamoor art 8.pngBlackamoor art is considered racially insensitive

Blackamoor jewellery and art was extremely popular in the 18th Century., though now  considered to be highly racially insensitive and the word blackamoor has been condemned as a term of abuse for anyone with a dark skin.

In recent years there have been petitions for gallerys and hotels to remove them,
Blackamoors first emerged during the Middle Ages when Europeans first encountered the Moors, dark-skinned Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East who came to occupy various parts of the continent.
The African figure is typically depicted with a turban, dressed in lavish jewels and are commonly fixed in positions of servitude—such as footmen or waiters. They are usually carved from ebony or painted black in the case of porcelain.
While they became an art form in the 17th and 18th centuries, particularly in Italy, many believe the figures suggest ‘racial conquest’.

Blackamoor are a genre of figurines, small sculptures or jewellery which depict largely men, but sometimes women, with black skin usually from the 18th century.
Many will be worth £10,000 or more.
It is not the first time that the royal, dubbed Princess Pushy, has found herself at the centre of a racist row.
In 2004 she was accused of insulting a party of black diners at a smart New York restaurant by allegedly telling them to ‘go back to the colonies’ in a row over noise.
The princess strongly denied the allegations, claiming to have said she would be ‘ready to go back to the colonies’ during a dispute about noise with the other table.
But she subsequently went on to make a series of toe-curling remarks in a television interview about the incident.
Talking of her extensive travels through Africa she said: ‘I even pretended years ago to be an African, a half-caste African, but because of my light eyes I did not get away with it, but I dyed my hair black.
‘I travelled on African buses. I wanted to be a writer. I wanted experiences from Cape Town to right up in northern Mozambique. I had this adventure with these absolutely adorable, special people and to call me racist: it’s a knife through the heart because I really love these people.’

Prince Harry and WFiancee Megan Markle arrive for the Queens lunch Dec 2017.pngMeeting the in-laws: Harry and Meghan arrive for the Queen’s lunch Wednesday
The invite to the Queen’s lunch was the first time that Meghan will have met much of Harry’s family, and the invitation is a further sign that she is well and truly part of the royal establishment.

Princess Michael of Kent, who seems to be a magnet for racially base controversies,  sparked fury after wearing a “racist” blackamoor brooch to this year’s version of the Queen’s annual Christmas lunch.
The royal, who is married to the Queen’s cousin Prince Michael, proudly sported the brooch on her coat as she was driven into Buckingham Palace on Wednesday.
Blackamoor is a style of artwork dating from the 18th century that is usually found in sculpture, jewelry and textiles in which black men and women are often depicted as slaves.

Prnce Michael and Princess Michael of Kent 3.png
Poor taste: The controversial brooch can be seen on the shoulder of the royal, who is married to the Queen’s cousin, Prince Michael,  seen wearing the couple drove through the gates on Wednesday [photo]


Outraged social media users slammed the royal for her choice in jewelry at the royal lunch where Meghan would have been meeting for first time  with Princess Michael.
One said: “Has no-one noticed the blackamoor pin that Princess Michael of Kent is wearing? Really?
Meghan Markle official meets the family and is greeted by THIS?”
Another took aim at her “racist jewelry” while a third added: “I hope the Queen is going to ban this racist, horrible woman from any further gatherings. This woman is an embarrassment to the Royal Family.”
Prince Harry and Meghan Markel engagement portrait 2.jpg

Harry and Meghan released the official engagement portraits [photo], almost a month after announcing their plans to get married.

Bi-racial Miss Markle has told how she feels compelled to speak out about racism after being subjected to years of prejudice by people unaware of her heritage.
She claimed that some who believed she was Caucasian even made distasteful ‘black jokes’ in front of her.
She has also told of her anger and hurt at hearing her mother called ‘the ‘N’ word’ when she was pulling out of a parking space.
‘My skin rushed with heat as I looked to my mom. Her eyes welling with hateful tears, I could only breathe out a whisper of words, so hushed they were barely audible: ‘It’s OK, Mommy’,’ she said.



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