Timothy Brennan 1.pngA middle-aged teacher in Kentwood, washington state is accused of sending a female student sexually explicit pictures and videos over Snapchat.
Science teacher, Timothy Brennan [left], is behind bars after a female student went to police, to report that he had been sending her sexually explicit pictures and videos over Snapchat for the past three years.

45-year-old Timothy Sean Brennan turned himself into police on January 4, and has been held on $150,000 bail at the Regional Justice Center in King County, Washington since then for two counts of communication with a minor for immoral purposes.
Brennan is scheduled for arraignment on January 22.
The married man taught at Kentwood High School, where he has been on administrative leave since the accusations were first made in November.
According to court documents, the alleged victim says the harassment started in September 2015, when she was 14.
Shortly after starting her freshman year, she says she was contacted by a user on Snapchat with the screenname ‘Seanbee4’.
She says the user started exposing himself in pictures he sent to her through the app, as well as videos of him masturbating. He also made sexually-explicit comments on her content.

 Kentwood High School in Washington state .png Science teacher Timothy Brennan is on administrative leave from his school Kentwood High School in Washington state 

With the sender’s face carefully hidden in all of the pictures and sordid videos that he sent her, the victim didn’t know who was harassing her, so she assumed it was a classmate.
While she says she asked him to stop multiple times, she says she also talked to the user trying to figure out his identity.
During one conversation, she asked who he was and he said he couldn’t say because it would ‘mess up his marriage and his job’.
Because his Snapchat videos and pictures disappeared and she didn’t have proof of them, the victim says she was hesitant to go to police at first because she didn’t think anyone would believe her.
The harassment continued into her sophomore year, when she finally was able to identify Brennan by a dark green jacket he wore to school, that she had seen her tormentor wearing in a photo in which he exposed himself.

Timothy Brennan 2.pngLocked away from now: Timothy Brennan [photo] has been behind bars since Jan 4. He is also on administrative leave from his school

She says she confronted Brennan on the app and he admitted that it was him.
She says he stopped messaging her, but only for about a month. Then he resumed messaging her in earnest again. This time with a the direct proposition, inviting her to the back office in his classroom to ‘have some fun’.
In another instance, he allegedly tried luring the teen, using his school email address to invite her to his classroom to do homework, which she found bizarre since she never had Brennan as a teacher.
The victim says Brennan also showed up to her work – at the Tukwila Family Fun Center – twice. Once with his family and once alone. She says she had a co-worker serve him so she wouldn’t have to.
The victim, now a 17-year-old junior, finally decided to report Brennan on November 7, when she suffered a panic attack at school after seeing him.
She told her friends about the harassment and they urged her to file a report with police.  Since then, Brennan was removed from teaching, in December he was notified of impending charges. He turned himself into police on January 4.
The school has not commented publicly, other than to say that Brennan has been placed on administrative leave, pending results of the investigation, which is standard school practice in such cases.