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Four members of family killed in suspected murder-suicide! Grandma arrives to babysit at Brooklyn home and discovers her son killed his 1-year-old daughter, stepfather and brother before shooting himself

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All four victims related by marriage executed with gunshots to the head, early Wednesday in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn, NY
Victims were identified  as Lloyd Drain, 57, his 16-year-old son, 16-year-old Lloyd Drain Jr., Terrance Briggs, 27, and his infant daughter Laylay Briggs
Investigators said Terence Briggs killed his 1-year-old daughter, stepfather and brother in the Brooklyn home before shooting himself
The toddler’s 53-year-old grandmother discovered the bodies around 5 am inside a fourth-floor apt at Riverdale Osbourne Tower on Thatford Avenue in Brownsville
The baby’s grandma was married to the oldest male victim
She made the horrifying discovery at her three-bedroom apt in the Riverdale Osborne Towers, when she arrived to babysit at 5 am, Wednesday
Law enforcement sources suspect the deaths are a triple murder-suicide
There no signs of forced entry into the apt
Cops recovered a firearm and shell casings at the scene
The four victims were inside Brooklyn apt early Wednesday 1.jpgPolice forensics team cart away evidence from the crime scene, early Wednesday morning

Four family members – including a one-year-old baby girl – were found shot to death in a New York apartment early on Wednesday morning, in a horror scene that responding officers suspect might be a domestic triple murder-suicide.
The victims all of whom are related by marriage – an infant girl and three adult males -were all shot in the head inside the fourth floor apartment on Thyatford Ave. near Riverdale Ave. in Brooklyn.
Investigators said the toddler’s dad killed 1-year-old daughter, stepfather and stepbrother in Brooklyn home before shooting himself.

Laylah Briggs 1.jpg14-month-old Laylay Briggs was the youngest victim. her grandmother discovered the crime
Terence Briggs 1.jpgAlleged shooter, Terence Briggs died in the same room as his daughter

Police said along simmering family feud between Terrance Briggs and his stepdad Lloyd Drains Sr., ended in a bloodbath, with a deranged 27-year-old Brooklyn man executing his 1-year-old daughter, stepdad and 16-year-old stepbrother before turning the gun on himself.
The bodies of Terrance Briggs, 27, and his three relatives were discovered Wednesday in the blood-spattered apartment when the toddler’s grandmother returned home around 5 a.m., police said.
Briggs reportedly, marched methodically from room to room, pumping bullets into the heads of his victims, including his hapless daughter Laylay,  his chief antagonist, stepdad Loyd Drain Jr., 57, and his son Loyd III.
Briggs, whose previous domestic battles with the stepdad had brought cops to their home at least twice, finally turned the gun on himself.

Loyed Drain Jr. and his father Loyed Drain Sr 1.jpgHome Owner Lloyd Drain Jr. [left] and his son Lloyd Drain III, were the victims in the family tragedy

The child’s 53-year-old grandmother, Patricia Green made the horrifying discovery at her three-bedroom apartment in the Riverdale Osborne Towers, Deputy Chief Michael Kemper said.
The victims were identified as 14-month-old Laylay Briggs who was found in the same bedroom as her 27-year-old father Terrance Briggs, his teen brother, 16-year-old Lloyd Drain, Jr. who was found in another bedroom and his dad, 57-year-old Lloyd Drain, who was found dead in a bathroom.
Police recovered the firearm and shell casings, the apparent murder weapon, inside the home, but it was not with Briggs, because Green allegedly stashed it in another room, police sources said, adding that there are no signs of forced entry into the apartment.
Patricia Green,who was married to  Lloyd Drains, is mother to both Terence and Lloyd III, her son with her current husband.

Police activity at the four person family tragedy in Brooklyn NY.pngPolice activity at the crime scene in Four family members were found shot to death inside a Brooklyn apartment Wednesday morning. So far, Police say they suspect the deaths are a triple murder-suicide 

Police re-enactment suggest that Briggs shot his stepfather first in the bathroom, next shot his half-brother in a bedroom as he played video games. He finally killed his own daughter in a second bedroom.
Laylay’s mother, though estranged from Terence Briggs, allegedly still lived in the apartment with the family, but was away on an overnight gambling trip at the time of the murders, police said.


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