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Uber pauses self-driving operations in 4 cities as cops investigate crash by Self-driving Uber car, that killed pedestrian in Arizona

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Self-driving Uber car hits, kills pedestrian in Tempe, Ariz., Sunday night
Uber immediately paused self-driving operations in four cities in US and Canada
Uber vehicle struck Elaine Herzberg, who reportedly was walking her bicycle across the crosswalk was struck, police says the vehicle was in autonomo
Herzberg, 49, died in hospital shortly after, from her injuries
Uber began testing its fleet of self-driving Volvo cars in Tempe in February 2017, after they were banned from California roads amid safety concerns
A month later, one of the self-driving cars was involved in a crash after another road user failed to yield to the Uber vehicle and hit the self-driving SUV which rolled onto its side, but no serious injuries were reported in that crash

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