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Man accused of shooting cousin 11 times after they smoked an oil-infused marijuana joint! He was ‘possessed by the devil’ said shooter, Robert Reynolds

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A pierce County, Washington man arrested and charged after shooting cousin 11 times on Mar 25
Robert Reynolds and his victim Samuel Boren, just finished smoking oil-infused marijuana joint on Sunday night before the fatal shooting
Accused killer Reynolds, 27, later told cops his victim was ‘possessed by the devil’ 
Reynolds was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday in the fatal shooting of 24-year-old Boren  at a South Hill home 
In the charging docs Robert Reynolds admitted, “I know I’m a killer, but I don’t feel like a murderer” 
Robert Reynolds 1.jpgRobert Reynolds was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday in the fatal shooting of Samuel Boren in South Hill, Wash.

A Puyallup, Washington man who authorities say shot his cousin 11 times after they smoked an oil-infused marijuana joint claims the devil was taking over the victim’s body.
Robert Reynolds admitted that “I know I’m a killer, but I don’t feel like a murderer,” according to charging documents.
Robert M. Reynolds, 27, was charged with first-degree murder, two days after the fatal shooting of 24-year-old Samuel Boren at a South Hill home.
Police detained Reynolds and two other men at the scene. One of the witnesses admitted that he’d bought an oil-infused joint that contained 42 percent TCH, which they all had smoked together.
Thereafter the witness said, three of then wrestled in the backyard, before heading  back inside the house to wash off.
In the bathroom he said, Reynolds and Boren got into an argument in the bathroom, before Reynolds grabbed a pistol and told the witness to get behind him because Boren was there to hurt one of them.
The shooter told his cousin to get on the ground, instead Boren ran at him and Reynolds shot him.  The cousins continued fighting as he headed for the door, the witness added, but heard more shots as he fled.
Reynolds told officers that he armed himself with his Glock weapon and told the witness, “If you love me and you trust me you’ll get behind me right now.”
Investigators say Reynolds fired several shots as he fought with his cousin for the weapon. Reynolds continued to fire. Boren was bleeding, but said at one point he was OK and needed to get to a hospital. Reynolds then unloaded the magazine into Boren, according to authorities. The witness heard Boren breathing for some time before he died.
After arriving at the scene, officers saw “a large amount of blood” on the floor just inside the door. The blood trail made it appear that someone had been dragged from the door toward the laundry room. Boren’s body was found in the laundry room, where he was declared dead.
Reynolds would tell cops that “I’m pretty sure I put over eight shots in his head.” The defendant also said he pistol-whipped the victim, which an autopsy confirmed. It also reported 11 bullets found in the victim’s body
The Reynolds made the witness sit on the couch with him and hold hands “until they had calmed down,” the witness said.
The witness told detectives that Reynolds kept saying that the devil was “trying to possess Boren’s body.”
Reynolds would tell investigators that Boren was looking strangely at their friend, and that he wanted to protect him.
“I’ve been trained in self-defense,” Reynolds said. “And Sam was not. And so I do feel from a survivalist standpoint that I had obviously an extreme advantage over him.”

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