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Colorado twins sisters found dead in suicide pact; Amanda and Sara Eldritch, were first to undergo cutting-edge surgery for OCD

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Colorado twins, Amanda and Sara Eldritch, found dead in suicide pact
Amanda ad Sarah, 33,  were first patients underwent cutting-edge surgery to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder
The twins had survived a previous suicide attempt before the 2015 surgery
They were discovered Friday, fatally shot in a vehicle parked at a rest area, near a Bridge, in Canon City
Amanda and Sara Eldritch 1Sisters to the end – Amanda and Sara Eldritch

Colorado twin sisters who made headlines for undergoing a cutting-edge surgery to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, were found shot dead near a Colorado bridge in an apparent suicide pact, according to officials.
Amanda and Sara Eldritch, 33, were discovered Friday with fatal wounds in a vehicle parked at a rest area near Royal Gorge Bridge, a tourist attraction in Canon City, according to The Gazette.
The sisters, who lived in Broomfield, were among the first to receive a deep brain stimulation surgery in 2015 to help with the debilitating OCD they suffered from. The procedure, for a while at least,  allowed them to break free from the crippling anxiety that kept them locked inside their house for a decade.
Before the surgery, the sisters reportedly “felt at war with their own existence. And in a desperate cry for help as adolescents, they tried taking their own lives,” according to an article published by the hospital.

Sarah and Amanda Eldritch 3.png
Amanda and Sara Eldritch even as toddlers had peculiar habits.Wrinkles had to be out of socks, shirts always tucked in, hands washed a lot

The sisters were diagnosed with OCD at 16, but did not get the surgery which is typically used to treat Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor, until 2015 when they turned 30.
As part of the procedure, electrode wires were placed on areas of the brain and connected to a battery pack implanted in the chest. The goal, the hospital said in the article, is “inhibiting the part of the brain that’s overactive” by giving the proper amount of stimulation and suppressing anxiety.
The twins were on the verge of suicide before their surgery. A year later, Sara in an interview said we now  “have a life.”
Doctors reported that within a year after the surgery, the twins’ mental health had improved and they were “finding hope and joy in simple things.”
“We actually leave the house, we have friends, we go to concerts, we do things, we have a future,” Amanda said.
During that interview last year, the sisters who were being featured on the television show “The Doctors”, admitted the anxiety mostly centered on their co-dependency.
They both admitted that they were deeply afraid of the possibility of separation.
“It does sound very terrifying,” Sara said in the episode when presented with tasks to perform separately.
A spokesperson for “The Doctors” released a statement Tuesday offering condolences to the Eldritch family.
“We are shocked and saddened to learn of their tragic passing and our thoughts are with their family during this difficult time,” the statement said.

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