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Judge demands info on Nicole Manini, NY prosecutor who ‘had ongoing affair’ with suspect – Ex-cop Richard Hall is charged with handcuffing an 18-year-old girl and raping her in back of cruiser

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Judge demands info on DA staffer’s affair with ex-cop who allegedly raped teen in police van 
Ex-NYPD detectives Richard Hall, 32, and Eddie Martins, 37, have been accused of turns raping a handcuffed, 19-year-old Anna Chambers in the back of their police van last Sept 15, 2017
Hall and Martins claim the sex was consensual, but have resigned from the force
In the course of investigating the alleged rape, investigators uncovered an illicit affair between a prosecutor and one of the accused men
Richard Hall, 33, a married father-of-two, allegedly has been having an affair with 34-year-old Asst District Attorney Nicole Manini
Manini and Hall began the affair before the alleged rape and continued  after 
Although DA’s office informed the court that Manini called Hall before, during and after his indictment, they insist it has no impact on the case
Richard Hall (left) 1.jpgMarried former cop Richard Hall [left], who is on trial for raping a teen in his custody, allegedly is also having an affair with a Brooklyn Asst Dist Attorney 
The judge trying the case of two former detectives accused of raping a teen drug suspect ordered prosecutors to turn over their notes regarding a staffer’s relationship with one of the cops.
Prosecutors insisted in a formal letter that the staffer, identified by sources as Assistant District Attorney Nicole Manini, had nothing to do with the investigation of ex-NYPD Detectives Richard Hall and Eddie Martins.

While searching the cell phone belonging to Richard hall one of two former NYPD officers accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old girl in the fall, investigators discovered illicit text messages and calls between the officer and a local prosecutor.
Kings County Assistant District Attorney, Nicole Manini, 34, allegedly had an extramarital affair with former detective Richard Hall, 33.
As a precautionary measure the District Attorney’s office offered full disclosure to the court. ‘During our investigation of this case, we learned that a junior assistant district attorney in our office was engaged in an intimate relationship with defendant Hall and knew [second] defendant [Eddie] Martins socially,’ a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office said, adding ‘This ADA had no involvement in or access to the investigation or prosecution,’ the rep said. ‘Out of an abundance of caution, we have disclosed this information to all relevant parties.’

Nicole Manini 2ProsecutorNicole Manini [photo], allegedly has been having an extra-marital affair with former cop Richard Hall, who is on trial for raping a woman in custody

Justice Danny Chun on Thursday said prosecutors have to hand over all notes taken during their interview with Manini, whose alleged affair with married father-of-two Richard Hall, was revealed this week.

In the letter, prosecutors said they found out Manini called Hall before, during and after his indictment.
“Why was this filed with the court if it’s not involved with the case?” said Dan Bibb, an attorney for Martins, to the judge.
A spokesman for the DA’s office said they disclosed the details “out of an abundance of caution.”
Alleged rapist NY detectives Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, indicted on 50 counts of rape, kidnapping, official misconduct, after assaulting handcuffed 18-year-old in custody

Richard Hall [right], and Eddie Martins [center] 2.jpgEx-NYPD detectives Richard Hall, [right], and Eddie Martins, [center], have been accused of turns raping a handcuffed, then 18-year-old Anna Chambers in the back of their police van last Sept 15, 2017

18-year-old Anna Chambers accused former NYPD detectives, Richard Hall and Eddie Martins, of kidnap and sexual assault in the back of a police van while she was handcuffed.
Both officers who were operating as armed narco cops at the time, claimed the sex was consensual. The two are charged with taking turns raping the handcuffed, now 19-year-old woman in the back of their police van last Sept. 15.
The cops, who claim the sex was consensual, resigned from the force.
Teen blogger raped while cuffed by two NYPD detectives is ‘shocked’ her assailants claimed sex acts were consensual
Hall’s attorney Peter Guadagnino agreed prosecutors’ records should be reviewed to ensure nothing about his client’s case was disclosed during Manini’s interview.
Earlier this week, Michael David, the teenager’s civil attorney, said the discovery Manini was involved with Hall was “very troubling.
“We need to find out if she (Manini) compromised the prosecution of this case,” David said Thursday.

Anna Chambers 6.png
An 18-year-old Anna Chambers accused former NYPD detectives, Richard Hall and Eddie Martins, of kidnap and sexual assault in the back of a police van while she was handcuffed, on the night of Sept 15. Both cops who were armed at the time claimed the sex was consensual

Mark Bederow, an attorney for Martins, said that in the letter “the prosecution acknowledged that the purported affair is irrelevant. The only plausible reason to publicly file a letter about such a meaningless issue was to prejudice Hall and Martins’ right to a fair trial and smear a fellow assistant district attorney.”
Hall, 32, and Martins, 37, left their post during a buy and bust operation in Coney Island without permission and encountered the teen, who goes by the alias Anna Chambers on social media, and two friends in a parked car at Calvert Vaux Park in Gravesend at around 8:30 p.m. on September 15, 2017
Chambers told investigators she was handcuffed for marijuana possession and put into the back of a police van by Hall and Martins, who then took turns raping her as they drove around South Brooklyn.

Anna Chambers 5.pngAnna Chambers [Social media alias], says the men assaulted her in the parking lot of a Coney Island Chipotle on Sept 15, and is hopping mad her rapists claim the assault was consensual

The pair who admitted to having sex with a person in their custody, both claim the sex was consensual. However, they were indicted by a grand jury in October. Subsequently, Martins and Hall were demoted and then quit the NYPD on Nov. 6 ahead of a trial on departmental charges.
Defense attorney Bederow challenged the narrative the victim gave officials a second time Thursday, but Justice Chun shot down the lawyer’s motion to dismiss the indictment based on several factors including her inconsistent statements.

Support for Anna Chambers outside court.jpgProtesters hold up a sign in support of Anna Chambers outside Brooklyn Supreme Court April 5.

Chambers, who was in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Thursday with her father and several supporters, told reporters that seeing her alleged rapists “disgusted” her and made her want to throw up — and “punch them in their f—king heads,” she said.
“I’m not going to show them that it hurts me. I’m going to be here every single time [they’re in court],” she added.
Hall and Martins are facing up to 25 years in prison for kidnapping and rape of then 18-year-old Chambers in Coney Island last year September 15. They also face charges related to official misconduct.

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