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27-year-old aspiring singer and rapper, Katie Quackenbush, pleads not guilty of attempted murder in shooting Of homeless Nashville man

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Katie Quackenbush pled not guilty to charges of attempted murder of a homeless ‘down on his luck’ musician on Nashville’s music row on Wednesday

Katie Quackenbush, a 27-year-old aspiring alt-country singer/rapper, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to the attempted murder of a homeless man following an August 2017 shooting on Music Row. Quackenbush waived her right to an appearance and her plea was entered by her attorney on her behalf.
According to police, Quackenbush shot 55-year-old Gerald Melton, who is homeless, during an early morning encounter August 26, last year. Police say Quackenbush and Melton got in an argument related to the noise and exhaust coming from the defendant’s Porsche SUV.
According to investigators, Melton was trying to sleep on the sidewalk at 3 a.m. when the fumes and music “disturbed” him and he asked the driver of the Porsche, alleged to have been Quackenbush, to move the vehicle. This led to an argument and Melton told police he walked back to his sleeping spot.
Quackenbush reportedly, loaded her pistol, got out of her Porsche and asked her victim ‘do you want to die tonight?’ and fired two shots at Melton, who was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to abdomen. Quackenbush’s passenger confirmed to police that Quackenbush was the shooter, according to an arrest affidavit.
At an earlier hearing, Melton testified that, generally, that was true and didn’t deny using racist and sexist language during the confrontation.
“Even if I did say that it’s not an excuse to shoot me,” he testified, according to The Tennessean.
Singer, song writer, exotic dancer? Priors listed for Katie Quackenbush, Porsche driving aspiring country musician, charged with attempted killing of homeless man

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Katie Layne Quackenbush shot Doug Melton when he asked her to turn down the volume of the music in her Porsche in Nashville, TN on Aug 26, 2017
Victim Gerald Melton says although the argument was heated it did not give Quackenbush the right to shoot him

As the argument escalated, Quackenbush loaded her pistol, got out of the SUV and walked toward Melton. Melton, who was shot twice, said that Quackenbush asked him if he “wanted to die tonight.”
Ever since her arrest in mid-September, Quackenbush, through her father, has maintained the shooting was self-defense.
Quackenbush is an alt-country singer and sometime-rapper, according to her social media accounts. She at one time ran a company which provided “promo girls” for extreme sports events.
She has twice been arrested for assault in her native Texas. One case in Amarillo, where her father is a defense attorney, was dismissed in 2013 and she was ordered to pay $400 in attorney’s fees.

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