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Undercover cop used flattery to get close to NYPD officer suspected of running drugs – Nysia Stroud, supremely confident in her ability to freely transport coke in the city, told undercover cop she could avoid being busted simply by flashing her badge

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Undercover cop says she used flattery to get close to police officer, Nysia Stroud, accused of running drugs in New York
Stroud, 30, thought her badge protected her in drug scheme, prosecutors say
An undercover drug cop posing as a hairdresser recruited Stroud as a strong arm and transport for drug runs
She allegedly was paid $250 – $1000, each time on drug deliveries between April and June 2017
The suspect allegedly told the undercover cop that she was “willing to use her status to keep them out of trouble”
Stroud is charged with selling drugs and official misconduct
Faces 8 years in jail if convicted
Nysia Stroud 4.pngThe 30-year-old NYPD officer, Nysia Stroud, is on trial for selling drugs and official misconduct.

An NYPD officer on trial for running drugs thought her badge gave her a free pass and cover to protect her illicit dealings, prosecutors said Thursday.
New York City  cop, Nysia Stroud, who is  on trial on drug running charges was done in by her own vanity, the undercover cop who helped put her away testified Thursday.
The disgraced officer was indicted in June for trafficking large amounts of marijuana and cocaine for an undercover cop, prosecutors said.
The defendant allegedly, made more than $2,000 transporting the drugs on four occasions between April and June 2017, according to the Manhattan DA’s office. Prosecutors said she started delivering the drugs, including more than one kilogram of cocaine, after meeting the undercover officer posing as a drug courier in March of 2017.

Nysia Stroud 5.pngHeads down: Nysia Stroud would not look up during her r arraignment in State Supreme Court in June 2017

Explaining how a fellow officer was ensnared in an undercover sting operation, the officer working the covert beat, identified only as UC 5063 in court documents, testified that  she met 30-year-old Stroud while working at the Adidas store on Spring St. in SoHo on March 3, 2017, the covert cop said in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Stroud, from Brooklyn and assigned to the NYPD’s Fleet Services Division, at the time was moonlighting, working an unauthorized security job at the store.

The under cover narco officer wandered inside and “struck up a conversation about her sneakers,” she testified.
“I like the sneakers. Could I take a picture of the sneakers?” she asked Stroud, buttering her up.

Stroud she said, was happy to pose for a full-length photo, which snagged her in the sting operation, masterminded by her new friend whom she believed was a hairdresser in the Bronx.

Nysia Stroud 1Nysia Stroud covers up as she’s taken into custody after her arraignment last June

That was the beginning of a friendship between the two women.

Within weeks, Stroud was accompanying her new friend,, on drug deliveries between April and June 2017, according to the testimony.

“She basically said she could give me a ride anytime,” the undercover cop explained.

The investigator will be back on the witness stand Friday.

Stroud is charged with selling drugs and official misconduct.
Nysia Stroud was allegedly paid between $250 and $1,000 for each trip between Washington Heights and W. 96th St.
She made a handful of those runs with an undercover cop posing as a drug mule between April and June 2017, when she was arrested, authorities said.
Stroud allegedly confessed that she herself was a cop, according to prosecutors, and bragged that said she could use her badge to avoid potentially being arrested if they were stopped.
To conceal the planning of future drug deliveries, Stroud allegedly used a code: “shopping at Woodbury.”
“The defendant thought her status as an NYPD officer gave her immunity and [she] told the undercover that she was willing to use her status to keep them out of trouble,” Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Minogue said in Manhattan Supreme Court.
Stroud’s attorney Alex Grosshtern argued that the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau followed Stroud for two years without finding dirt on her.


Nysia Stroud 3.jpgNysia Stroud is pictured in an undated photo. The NYPD officer faces drug charges.

They were suspicious after she was caught in her uncle’s apartment when it was raided for drugs, although she was never charged in connection, he said.

“Their theory is that Ms. Stroud was some kind of a drug dealer and they began watching her,” Grosshtern said.

Stroud was placed on modified duty at her job in the NYPD’s Fleet Services Division after the search warrant at her relative’s home turned up drugs.

“What you’re going to hear here is not as simple as that what the DA presents to you,” Grosshtern argued.

He suggested the officers set her up after failing to find evidence of drug activity in her life.

“They fabricated the crime. Created the crime — a pretend crime,” Grosshtern added.

Stroud is  charged with two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and four counts of official misconduct.
Stroud has pled not guilty, to the charges. She faces a minimum of eight years in prison if convicted of the top charge.


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