‘I know it was a miracle God touched Kim Kardashian’s heart’ – Alice Johnson said regarding her reprieve
Speaking after being freed from prison, Johnson also thanked Trump for his ‘mercy’
Trump president wishes her a ‘wonderful life’ on Twitter
Alice Johnson and daughter on NBC's TODAY show June 7.pngAlice Johnson and her daughter appeared on NBC’s Today Show, Thursday morning

After what man regarded as just another Kardashian self-promoting caper , Kim Kardashian West is successful in her fight to free great-grandmother Alice Johnson, 63, from prison.
Johnson was jailed for life in 1996 for being part of a large cocaine trafficking ring. For her part in the crime she received a life sentence, which for someone with no criminal record who had committed a non-violent offence was staggeringly harsh.
Alice Johnson had been a regular citizen until her downfall. She wedded her childhood sweetheart and for many years, worked a regular job as a FedEx manager.
Things went south  for the mother-of-five after a bitter divorce.
The now single parent  lost her job due to a gambling addiction,.
Her house went into foreclosure. To cap it all, her youngest son Cory was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Alice Johnson before she went to jail 21 years ago.pngAlice Johnson before she went to jail 22 years ago

Johnson is the first to admit:  ‘My life began to spiral out of control. No mother should have to bury her child. This weight was unbelievable and it was a burden I couldn’t sustain. I made some very poor decisions out of desperation.’
Those poor decisions involved becoming a telephone ‘mule’ for the drug traffickers, passing messages between the distributors and sellers.
Ultimately, she was caught and punished., handed a life sentence without parole for drug conspiracy and money laundering.