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Young musician wins $260,000 damages from ex-girlfriend who deleted email offering lucrative scholarship to study under a master, because she didn’t want them to be apart

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Ontario court awards Clarinetist $260,000 damages from ex-girlfriend who sabotaged his career four years ago for her own selfish ends
Jennifer Lee, 24, deleted email offering lucrative scholarship to Eric Abramovitz because she didn’t want him moving to LA while she remained in Montreal 
Eric Abramovitz, then 20, applied to study at the Colburn Conservatory in L.A. in 2014
Eric never neither saw the acceptance letter, nor the full scholarship offer of $50,000-a-year scholarship
Gilad made the offer by an email which was intercepted by his live-in girlfriend Jennifer Lee
She hacked his account and turned the offer down in a reply then deleted the correspondence, before setting up a fake email posing as a school administrator telling Abramovitz he’d been turned down 
She offered a meager $5,000 scholarship to a different school which she knew he could not afford instead
Lee consoled Abramovitz who was devastated by the rejection, still the pair broke up six months later and he carried on studying music 
The duplicity was discovered years later when he applied to the same school and was asked why he had turned down the opportunity years earlier  

Four years ago a young clarinetist had his dreams of studying under a famed music teacher crushed when he failed an intake audition, or so he thought.
Eric Abramovitz gained restitution on Wednesday against the individual who sabotaged his ambition was ordered by a Canadian court to pay him $266,500 in damages. Investigations revealed that his ex-girlfriend girlfriend sabotaged his music career by deleting an email offering him a valuable scholarship to study at his dream school, Gilad in Los Angeles.
Jennifer Lee told her boyfriend, Eric Abramovitz he’d been rejected by Gilad so that they wouldn’t be separated by distance.
In 2014, Eric Abramovitz was 20-years-old, dating Jennifer Lee. The live-in pair were both studying music at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.
Eric’s dream was to attend Gilad’s Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, led by one of the world’s greatest clarinet masters, Yehuda Gilad.
After auditioning for Gilad, Abramovitz was offered a $50,000-a-year scholarship which would have covered the cost of his tuition. The problem is that the recipient never saw the scholarship offer
Gilad made the offer in an email which was sent to the Eric’s account. However, Lee who planned on staying at McGill, intercepted it. Instead she gave the impression he had been rejected.
Eric Abramovitz was awarded $260,000 by a judge on Wednesday after suing his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lee for deleting the email offering him tuition free acceptance from his dream music school in 2014.
The capricious objective was achieved by Lee when she  then sent him a fake rejection email because she wanted them to stay together in the same place.
Posing as her Abramovitz, she then rejected the offer, responding that he would be ‘elsewhere’, and deleted the chain of correspondence.
Lee proceeded to create a fake account in name of the school and sent her boyfriend a fake email which said he had not been successful. She offered him a fictitious partial scholarship to a different school which she knew he could not afford then consoled him in Canada as he got over the rejection.
”I was numb when I read the email. I had to read it a few more times,’ Mr Abramovitz, now 24, said.
‘When I found out I didn’t get it, it was really hard to deal with. I went through some really dark, sad, angry days.

Eric Abramovitz and his new girlfriend 1.png
Abramovitz currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He is now in a  relationship with a new girlfriend [right]

‘We were living together at the time so she was the one to console me when I found out. “It’s really sick now that I look back on it.
The pair carried on dating for another six months then broke up for unrelated reasons.
‘Things were getting too intense and some things just weren’t working out,’ he said.
Abramovitz went unaware of her deceit until years later when he applied to one of Gilad’s schools again.
This time, Gilad asked why he had come back to audition after turning him down years earlier.
‘We went into a room to chat after I finished and he asked me what I was doing here. ‘He was like, “You rejected me. Why are you here?””
Perplexed, Abramovitz said he hadn’t and asked what he meant and said it was the school which had turned him down and not the other way around.
‘I was like, “Uh, no, you rejected me,” and he was like, “No, you did,” and we had this awkward exchange where we kept going back and forth like that and I thought maybe he had confused me with someone else,’ he said.
He accepted a position at the school, without a scholarship, but could not get over the odd conversation they’d had so decided to investigate it.
He showed Gilad the ‘rejection’ email he had sent him years earlier and Gilad confirmed that he never sent it.
Unaware of who could have sabotaged him, it was not until his friends asked: ‘What about Jen?’ that his suspicion fell on his ex.
Abramovitz then hacked into the account she had set up in Gilad’s name using one of her favorite passwords and discovered the trail.
‘It was very Sherlock Holmes-y and we were so excited about our detective work, but it was a simultaneous stab to the heart and back,’ he said.
Lee has not commented publicly on her actions and has blocked Abramovitz on social media.
Determined to make her pay, he filed a lawsuit in her hometown of Ontario and this week won his case.
The judge ordered Lee to pay him $300,000 Canadian dollars in damages and an extra $50,000 in punitive damages for her ‘despicable interference in Mr. Abramovitz’s career.’
Abramovitz currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he plays in a symphony orchestra and is in a new relationship.
Despite his history with Lee, he is planning to go back to Canada shortly.
‘It’s very hard to know what my path would have been had this not happened.
‘But I am happy and proud of myself because I landed on my feet. I have no regrets. I have always aspired to make a living doing what I love, and I have, so I am very fortunate,’ he said.
Speaking of his new girlfriend, he said: ‘We’re really happy. I would like to think that since my first relationship my judgment of character has improved just a little bit.’


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