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‘Call Girl Killer’ Alix Tichelman, who served three years for heroin death of Google executive, also indicted in 2013 drug death of former boyfriend

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Canadian prostitute dubbed ‘Call Girl Killer’ faces one more murder indictment in U.S.
Alix Tichelman is accused of causing the death of Dean Riopelle in Georgia in Sept 2013
31-year-old prostitute, Tichelman,  was jailed for fatally injecting her‘sugar daddy’ with heroin and leaving to die on luxury yacht –  she served two out of a six-year sentence for the death of Google executive Forrest Hayes in California
Deported to Canada after her two year stint, Tichelman has now been indicted in Georgia, over the drug related death of another lover
Her former boyfriend, Atlanta based club owner Dean Riopelle, died of a drug overdose in 2013
Tichelman was with then boyfriend Riopelle, when he died of a heroin overdose, two months before tech millionaire Hayes overdosed on the same drug during their tryst on his boat
Although she lives in Canada, prosecutors in Fulton County, Ga., said Tichelman’s case in Fulton County is still active and open
Fulton DA’s office working with Canadian authorities to arrest and extradite [her] back to the United States to face those charges
Tichelman in a recent interview denied responsibility of any acts leading to the death of her club owner ex, Dan Riopelle
She also expressed her regrets abandoning Hayes, say she’s racked with guilt for his five children who are without their father
Alix Tichelman 2.JPGAlix Tichelman seen [left]in court durin the Forrest Hayes murder trial was indicted because after injecting Hayes with a lethal dose of heroin, she watched him die then fled the yacht. She was tracked down and arrested eight months later
The High-priced prostitute who injected Google exec with a lethal dose of heroin may have struck before, authorities in Foulton County, Georgia said.
The Canadian escort dubbed the  “Call Girl Killer,” who served three years in jail for the heroin overdose of a Tech Millionaire Forrest Hayes,
has now been indicted for the overdose death of a former boyfriend.

Alix Tichelman, who was deported to Canada after being released from a California jail, is facing extradition to Fulton County, Georgia.

The 31-year-old Tichelman is accused of causing the death of Dean Riopelle in Georgia in September of 2013, two months before millionaire Google exec Forrest Hayes overdosed in California.

Alix Tichelman and Dean Riopelle 2.JPGAfter Alix Tichelman was charged in California, police in Milton, Georgia, took another look at the 2013 overdose death of her ex, Dean Riopelle seen [right], with the convicted escort killer

Tichelman was released from jail in Santa Cruz in 2017, after pleading guilty to the involuntary manslaughter of Hayes, and serving half of a six-year jail sentence.
She was immediately deported by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to Canada, where she is living now.
In a series of interviews with KSBW last week, Tichelman said she is now clean and sober, working a “normal job,” and happy.

Alix-Tichelman 8.jpgAlix Tichelman, [photo], aka “Call Girl Killer” and “Harbor Hooker”, maintains that she was not reponsible for the death of Forest Hayes. Similarly she has nothing to do with the death of her ex-boyfriend Dan Riopelle. Both men fied of herion overdose while in her company
Alix-Tichelman 9Alix Tichelman [L-R] when she was working in the ‘Entertainment’ industry

Tichelman touting her ‘reformed’ outlook to life, told KSBW that she had nothing to do with Riopelle’s fatal heroin overdose, and was saddened when Santa Cruz police tried to connect her to it, after she had been linked to the death of Forrest Hayes from a heroin overdose while in her company.
Alix Tichelman indictment
However, three days after the station aired the interview with the former high-end escort, a Georgia district attorney announced Monday that Alix Tichelman has been indicted by a grand jury on murder charges for the heroin overdose death of her former boyfriend, Dean Riopelle.
The Atlanta based club owner had also died of drug related incident while in the suspect’s company, just weeks before the death of Hayes in similar circumstances.

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‘I wish I’d done something different, then his kids would still have a father’ ‘I think about him every day’ – Prostitute who was jailed […]

“Tichelman’s case here in Fulton County is still active and open, and the District Attorney’s Office will be working with Canadian authorities to arrest and extradite Tichelman back to the United States to face those charges,” Fulton County DA Paul Howard said Monday in a statement.
Tichelman had maintained in several recent interviews that she had nothing to do with Riopelle’s death.

Dean Riopelle 2.jpgDean Riopelle [photo] died of a heroin overdose in 2013. He was at the time in what has been described as a toxic relationship with Tichelman

She did admit to partying with Hayes, recounting how he hired her to meet him on his yacht in Santa Cruz. She told the station she did not know he had ingested Valium and alcohol earlier in the day.

“He seemed perfectly sober to me. If I had known both of those pieces of information, I would have never let him take the drugs,” she told the station.

She added, “He was very adamant about doing the drugs. Despite what police say, we never had sex. He was more interested in partying.”

She said she agonized over calling 911: “Ultimately I didn’t, and that’s something I regret every single day, that I didn’t call for help.”

Tichelman told KSBW that she eventually became drug-free while serving three years in Santa Cruz County Jail, and is working in the hospitality industry in Canada.

Alix Tichelman and Forrest Hay 1Escort Alix Tichelman [left], served two years of a six-year sentence for injecting Google executive Forrest Hayes [right], with a fatal dose of heroin on a yacht in California in 2013
Alix Tichelman [left] stands next to public defender Athena Reis 1.jpgAlix Tichelman is seen in court [Wearing regulation uniform], standing next to public defender Athena Reis who represented her during her arraignment in Santa Cruz Superior Court in 2014 for the Forest Hayes case. – She pled guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter

After serving half of her sentence in a California jail,  Tichelman was deported to Canada by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.
She was gone as soon as she was released from jail, and she says
“I’m glad I got deported,” she said. Tichelman added that she felt safer there because, “Santa Cruz police hated me so much.”
Tichelman describes her life today as a “complete 180.”
She said she’s living clean and sober in Canada, and thinks about Hayes every day.
Tichelman says she is studying to become a social worker specializing in helping people who are struggling with homelessness, mental health, drug addictions, and transitioning from prison back into society describes the joys of her new lifestyle choices: “I am working in the hospitality industry. I’m so happy at I found a workplace where I feel accepted, knowing that I can be a normal taxpaying citizen, and get up and go to work. That feels good,” Tichelman said.
She also volunteers for a nonprofit that helps homeless and incarcerated women reintegrate back into society.

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