‘I think about him every day’ – Prostitute who was jailed for fatally injecting ‘sugar daddy’ with heroin and leaving to die on luxury yacht reveals her regrets
Escort Alix Tichelman injected Forrest Hayes with a fatal dose of heroin after meeting him on board a yacht in California in 2013
Tichelman, 31, fled as the Google exec overdosed, she was arrested eight months later
Sentenced to serve six years in jail, Tichelman served just years before being deported to Canada
The convict now says she regrets abandoning Hayes, is racked with guilt for his five children who are without their father
Alix Tichelman 2.JPGTichelman, who now lives in Canada after being deported, says she regrets abandoning Hayes as he died and thinks about him ‘every day’
Canadian call girl Alix Tichelman served two years of a six-year sentence for injecting Google executive Forrest Hayes with a fatal dose of heroin on a yacht in California in 2013.

The hooker who fatally injected a millionaire Google exec with heroin says she has thought about him every day since his death five years ago.
Alix Tichelman left married dad-of-five Forrest Hayes for dead on his 50ft luxury yacht in California’s Santa Cruz harbour after he passed out from the drug.
Speaking about the incident recently, the prostitute claims she regrets her actions, injecting the Google executive with a fatal dose of heroin before leaving him to die out at sea, five years after his death out on the water.
Tichelman, 31, was jailed for six years over the death of Forrest Hayes, a father-of-five found dead on a yacht in California in 2013, but was released last year after serving just two before being deported to Canada.
Speaking from her new home, Tichelman said she thinks about Hayes every day and is wracked with guilt for not calling 911 as he fell unconscious.

Alix Tichelman and Forrest Hay 1Escort Alix Tichelman [left], served two years of a six-year sentence for injecting Google executive Forrest Hayes [right], with a fatal dose of heroin on a yacht in California in 2013

Tichelman, who now lives in Canada in an interview with The Sun, said: ‘I just wish I had done something different, then his kids would still have a father.

‘I take responsibility for what I did. I should have stayed, I should have called 911.’
Tichelman revealed she met Hayes through website Seeking Arrangement which matches up ‘sugar daddies’ with male or female ‘sugar babies’.
She claims the pair met just once before the night in question when they had dinner.
Hayes then invited her on board the yacht in November 2013 and asked her to bring a stash of drugs with her.
She said he was not interested in a sexual relationship, contradicting police claims that she met Hayes several times for drug-fueled sex, but instead wanted her to inject him with heroin.
Tichelman said he gave her a Valium pill before they climbed aboard the boat and that she dosed herself with heroin first, before giving a dose to him.
‘He wasn’t very experienced with heroin but he seemed very at ease and excited about it,’ she said.
Almost immediately after injecting him, Tichelman said he began to ‘drop off’ but she initially didn’t think anything was wrong, having passed out herself several times while using heroin.

Alix Tichelman 10.jpgFormer prostitute Alix Tichelman [photo] disagrees with the official report that she calmly and coldly abandoned Hayes to his fate. Instead, she flew into a blind panic and didn’t know what she was doing, is her version of events

The former prostitute rejects police claims she calmly and coldly abandoned Hayes to his fate, saying she flew into a blind panic and didn’t know what she was doing.

But after she was unable to rouse him she claims she flew into a panic, before collecting her things and leaving.
Police said she ‘calmly and coldly’ collected her things and left, stepping over Hayes’ body to finish a glass of wine before dropping the blinds to hide his body from view.
She disputes that claim, saying she flew into a blind panic and agonized over calling 911 while driving back to Sacramento.
Still in the interview she concedes that even in her panic, she was calm enough to calculate that since Hayes was a family man, it was best not to alert authorities. Instead she tried to make it look as if he was alone on the yacht.

Alix Tichelman 8.jpg‘She thinks about her dead client everyday’. Tichelman, speaking from her Canada base says she wishes she called paramedics 

Today Tichelman admits that Hayes’ five children might still have a father if she had decided to call 911 after he ‘dropped off’.
On the otherhand she said, because he gave an alias of ‘Tim’ during their meetings she had no way of knowing that he had died until police arrested her eight months later in a sting operation, she said.

Tichelman who claims  in her online profile claims that she had a privileged upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia, and then California, was struggling with heroin addiction at the time.
She was initially arrested for first degree murder but the charge was later downgraded to involuntary manslaughter, for which she was given six years. She was freed from prison on March 29 last year.
As soon as she stepped outside the prison gates, ICE agents took her into their custody.
Tichelman completed drug rehab programs during her time in jail for her drug addiction.
According to her Facebook profile, Tichelman went to high school in Atlanta, Georgia, majored in journalism at Georgia State University, and worked as a dancer, makeup artist, and model. She grew up in a wealthy, upper-class family but rejected her privileged upbringing, she said. A heroin habit later led to high-class prostitution to support herself

Alix Tichelman and Dean Riopelle 2.JPGAfter Alix Tichelman was charged in California, police in Milton, Georgia, took another look at the 2013 overdose death of her ex, Dean Riopelle seen [right], with the convict

Her ex-boyfriend, 53-year-old monkey trainer Dean Riopelle, who was the owner of a popular Atlanta music venue, the Masquerade, died from a heroin overdose in Georgia two months before Hayes’ death.

Riopelle’s death was ruled as accidental, but after Tichelman was charged in California, police in Milton, Georgia, took another look at the 2013 overdose death of Riopelle,
Authorities said a panicked Tichelman had called Milton police, saying Riopelle had overdosed on drugs and wasn’t responding. Tichelman was not charged.
An autopsy report listed Riopelle’s death as an accidental overdose of heroin, oxycodone and alcohol.
However, WSB-TV reported that Tichelman had been arrested two weeks prior to Riopelle’s death for biting him, and friends called their relationship volatile and abusive.
Captain Shawn McCarty with the Milton Police Department said: ‘It’s still conjecture, looking at the similarities of the two situations, but obviously we’re going to go back and look at it and make sure that everything determined to be correct, almost a year ago, is still factual and still accurate.
‘Both subjects in these cases died of heroin overdoses so there’s just several factors we want to look at to make sure that we didn’t miss anything.’