Laura, 47,  was accused of participating with her husband in repeated sexual assaults of their adopted daughter was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

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“The Miracle Child,” often seen wearing an oversized crucifix necklace and white lace veil, was the talk of San Antonio in early 2013,but she was one of the three children Abigail bore in the Castillo family as a result of the serial rapes

Laura and Eusebio Castillo’s home on the Southeast Side of San Antonio was a place where “miracles” occurred on a weekly basis. – Every Sunday, hundreds of believers would flock to St. Peregrine Chapel, a little shed in the back of the Castillos’ home, to visit an 8-year-old girl Eusebio and Laura Castillo claimed as their daughter.

“The Miracle Child,” often seen wearing an oversized crucifix necklace and white lace veil, was the talk of San Antonio in early 2013, even garnering two stories on Fox’s San Antonio.
But when the cameras and congregants left, the Castillo home transformed, into a house of incest and abuse. According to court documents the little miracle worker’s ‘parents’, Laura and Eusebio Castillo, allegedly committed numerous rapes and assaults against the Miracle Child’s true mother, Abigail Alvarado, who was the Castillos’ adopted daughter and niece.
The Miracle Child and two other children were born from the alleged rapes, according to forensic lab reports that found a match between the DNA of the children and that of Eusebio.
Laura Castillo was arrested in San Juan, Texas, in June 2017. She pleaded guilty on Friday to three counts of aggravated sexual assault.
She and her husband, Eusebio Castillo, were accused of subjecting their adopted daughter and niece, Abigail Alvarado,  to 15 years of abuse, with the assaults eventually resulting in three children, who the Castillos raised to think Alvarado was their older sister and not their mother.
According to court records, the investigation into the couple, both aged 47, began in 2014 when Alvarado informed police of the abuse, which she said began at the age of 9.
“I was very emotional for the justice I’m getting,” Alvarado said of Laura Castillo’s sentencing.

Laura Castillo 4.pngLaura Castillo forced her adopted daughter Abigail [left], to become a surrogate mom three times, and she claimed all the off spring
Abigail Alvarado (front right) with Laura Castillo [left] and Eusebio Castillo and they children she bore  resulting from the rape.jpgAbigail Alvarado [front right], seen with Laura Castillo [left], Eusebio Castillo [back right], and the three children she bore as a result of years of rape

Abigail Alvarado  says the years she spent with Laura Castillo and Eusebio Castillo  were marked by brainwashing, manipulation, stalking, assault and horror. Rape, lies and threats were part of her daily routine, and she said.
Police say DNA evidence helped them confirm that the children were Abigail Alvarado’s and that Eusebio Castillo fathered them. The children were raised believing Alvarado was their sister.

castillo family 3.pngPhoto Left – The Castillo family: Alvarado’s biological children, all fathered by Eusebio Castillo,  were raised believing Alvarado was their sister. photo right: Laura Castillo with Abigail Alvarado, her adopted daughter whom she’s accused of abusing, and Alvarado’s daughter, who she claimed was her own

According to after  the Castillos were arrested Alvarado voluntarily gave up her anonymity and reached out to share her story.
Eusebio Castillo is still awaiting trial and was last in court on June 15. Alvarado said prosecutors are looking to secure a plea deal in the case for 40 years in prison, but the case will likely go to trial.
Eusebio Castillo, previously a sergeant in the U.S. Army, was arrested in February 2017 on an aggravated sexual assault of a child in connection to the investigation.
Alvarado has accused him of molestation, rape, assault and mental and emotional manipulation, at times threatening to kill himself and her family if she ever told authorities about the abuse.
“It’s a stressful process,” she said. “I knew it was going to take a long time, but with all the evidence against Eusebio, it’s still on his terms. We have to wait for him to plead or go to trial.”