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Gunman on the run after ‘shooting his girlfriend and grandmother, takes hostages and opens fire’ inside a Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles – Gunman gives himself up

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Gunman ‘takes hostages and opens fire’ inside a Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles after he was chased by cops for ‘shooting his girlfriend and grandmother’
The 21-year-old suspect is believed to have shot his grandmother and 20-year-old girlfriend earlier, before dumping the injured girlfriend in his car and fleeing the scene
Suspect after police chase fled into a Trader Joe’s after firing at police
Police returned fire, and thought to have hit the suspect, while trying to evacuate customers and employees
Sources believe at least as many as 30 people remain inside the supermarket
Gunman 'takes hostages and opens fire' inside a Trader Joe's in Los Angeles 10.JPG
The gunman gave himself up to police aroungd 6pm
A man in his late teens has been arrested after a shooting his grandmother, fleeing police, shooting his girlfriend and then holding up to 30 people hostage at a Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles. The man, who police say is of African-American appearance, man had handcuffed himself and emerged from the Trader Joe’s  store in Silverlake, Los Angeles, with four hostages after coordinating with LAPD officers.
The hostage taker begun his crime spree in Hollywood before police chased him to Silverlake, where he crashed into a street pole outside the supermarket and ran into the store on Saturday afternoon. He then barricaded himself inside.

Police were engaged in a tense standoff with the gunman who exchanged shots with officers at the end of a police pursuit before running into the store.

Witnesses described a terrifying scene Saturday afternoon, as shoppers dived for cover amid the gun battle.

Gunman 'takes hostages and opens fire' inside a Trader Joe's in Los Angeles 1.JPGLos Angeles police report shooting suspect at Trader Joe’s – Police swarmed a Trader Joes in Silverlake on Saturday afternoon after a gunman barricaded himself inside

Law enforcement sources told the Los Angeles Times the injured woman is the shooter’s girlfriend, and he had fired at officers before he ran inside the supermarket.
The suspect’s vehicle was seen wrapped around a pole and police rescued a woman left inside.
The incident began as family dispute South Los Angeles involving a man in his late teens. Police said he shot his grandmother and a second woman at her residence.

LAPD told KCAL the suspect had shot his grandmother and girlfriend about 1.30pm, before fleeing the scene. He the took off with the wounded woman in a Toyota Camry. At some point, police began chasing his car, and that pursuit ended with a car crashing into a light post outside the Trader Joe’s.

Police said the gunman opened fire on officers and ran inside the store, the sources said.

Officers fired on the suspect and believe he might have been hurt during the exchange. The 20-year-old girlfriend was taken to hospital. There was no word on her condition.

Gunman 'takes hostages and opens fire' inside a Trader Joe's in Los Angeles 7.jpgLocal media reported that LAPD officers chased the suspect from Hollywood to Silver Lake, where he opened fire inside the Trader Joe’s market on Hyperion Avenue.

Officers began pursuing the suspect in Hollywood, and they arrived at the supermarket on Hyperion Avenue about 3.30pm.
Law enforcement are working to evacuate employees and customers, including small children, with at least one person seen fleeing with injuries.
While many were seen fleeing from the supermarket, it is believed there are still as many as 30 people inside.
Police have SWAT vehicles in position and an emergency triage area set up as the situation continues.
After the suspect’s car crashed into a street lamp outside, LAPD officers ran over, and opened fire.’
People who had been evacuated said the gunman ‘walked in shooting’, demanded a jumper and a phone, and moved the remaining hostages to the back of the store.

Gunman 'takes hostages and opens fire' inside a Trader Joe's in Los Angeles 2A cop is seen carrying a child to safety, away from the besieged store

Field’s account has not been confirmed by any official sources.
Police say the situation is ongoing as of 8pm EDT. ‘
‘We can confirm that there is an active barricaded suspect within a Trader Joe’s in Silverlake,’ a statement read.
‘An active tac-alert has been declared to ensure all resources necessary will be available. Please continue to stay clear of the area.’

Gunman 'takes hostages and opens fire' inside a Trader Joe's in Los Angeles 3The suspect entered the store after crashing their car outside following a police car chase
Aerial footage from local TV stations NBC Los Angeles and CBS Los Angeles showed people leaving a store window using a rope ladder and police carrying children to safety through a parking lot in the city’s Silver Lake neighborhood.


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