A Mexican man gunned down his wife in cold blood while she was breast-feeding her nine-month old son after he became enraged she was taking too long to get ready for a night out on the town.
Gabriel Hernandez Reyes, 26, fired twice at Hortencia Balcanzar, 26, the mother of his four children, ages nine months, two, four and eight, inside her parents ranch in Veracruz on July 19.
According to Blog Expediente, the abusive husband impregnated another woman in the town, causing Balcanzar to fall into a deep depression before her death on July 19.


In several interviews with Univision this week, neighbors recalled the harassment the victim had endured over the years.
Furthermore, those close to Balcanzar detailed how Hernandez Reyes would beat her with cables and used a hand gun to threaten her.
The victim’s father wondered why his daughter’s father and mother-in-law failed to intervene every time their son targeted her.
‘He would take her back to his parent’s house, but the in-laws provided her a bad life,’ Anselmo Balcazar said. ‘They used her as a cook, and when he beat her, they didn’t get involved.

The story shocked the tight-knit countryside community in Minatitlan, Veracruz.
Hortencia Balcanzar crashed to the floor along with the baby boy after being shot.
The nine-month old child and his four-year old sibling were not hurt in the gruesome murder.

Residents that heard the loud shots sprung to action and called authorities, but by the time they arrived on the scene, Hernandez Reyes had already escaped.
Mexican law enforcement officers still have no leads regarding the accused farmer’s whereabouts.
The victim’s mother, Francisca, was overcome with emotion when she was interviewed by local media.
She said she felt useless and extremely saddened because she was unable to save her daughter.
‘I couldn’t defend her because I did not see if he was carrying a gun,’ said the grieving parent. ‘I left running and she screamed, “mama”.’