Lover boy to pay girlfriend’s  husband multi-million compensation for wrecking the marriage
Boisterous Texan, Francisco Huizar III slept with a married North Carolina woman, now a judge has ruled that he pay restitution to the jilted husband
North Carolina businessman Keith King was awarded $8.8million in compensatory and punitive damages from his wife Danielle’s lover, Francisco Huizar III
48-year-old King sued Huizar for criminal conversation and alienation of affection, with a consequent break up his of his marriage to now ex-wife Danielle King, 33
North Carolina is one of a few states where jilted spouses can sue  a partner’s paramour
Keith married Danielle, who is 15 years his junior in 2010, and the couple have a five-year-old daughter together 
Danielle first met Huizar in New York City in 2015; she testified that she pursued him romantically
San Antonio resident Huizar, who lives in San Antonio earning $84,000 as a marketing tour manager, plans to appeal the verdict.

Defense attorney Patrick described King, who is 15 older than his 33-year-old wife, as controlling and manipulative. The couple have a five-year-old daughter together.
Patrick recounted in court how King reviewed the contents of his wife’s phone every other week, tracked her movements, forced her to wear bikinis and stilettos and did not allow to dye her blond locks a different hue, among other things.
When called to testify, Danielle King claimed that she was the one who romantically pursued Huizar and said her marriage to Keith was an unhappy one from the outset.
Danielle and Huizar crossed paths for the first time in August 2015 at a BMX show in New York and struck up an affair, which continued through the summer and into the fall and winter.

Judge Orlando Hudson 1.pngNorth Carolina Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson, [photo], gained national fame while presiding over the of Durham author Michael Peterson’s murder trial. He awarded Keith KIng $8.8milliomn compensation to be paid by his estranged wife’s lover

According to courtroom testimony, Huizar and Danielle met up for trysts in Durham and regularly talked on the phone. In February 2016, the married woman’s lover even joined her on a spa vacation paid for by her husband.
Foil argued that Huizar’s ‘relentless behavior’ made it all but impossible for the Kings to save their troubled marriage.

After several failed attempts at reconciliation, the couple separated in January 2017, according to Keith’s lawyer, although Danielle and Huizar’s attorney pointed to documents indicating that the couple had split up months earlier, in August 2016.
In early January, Danielle moved out of her husband’s house and rented an apartment, with Huizar on the lease. When her estranged husband came by one day and found her lover there, the men came to blows and Huizar put him in a chokehold, according to court papers.
His lawyer argued that Huizar was trying to protect his terrified girlfriend from her husband.
When Judge Hudson delivered the verdict at the conclusion of the civil trial on Thursday, he remarked that it was a ‘textbook case’ of how not to end a marriage in North Carolina.
Huizar, who lives in San Antonio and early $84,000 as a marketing tour manager, plans to appeal the verdict.
Judge Hudson is well-familiar to Netflix viewers, having presided for many years over the high-profile murder case of Durham author Michael Peterson, which is the subject of the popular true-crime documentary ‘The Staircase’.