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Alphonso Russell to serve 25 years in jail after holding ‘girlfriend captive for a month at a hotel in Michigan and forcing her to have sex with his friends’

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‘Pathetic pimp wannabe’

Man from Lansing, Michigan who kept his girlfriend imprisoned in a hotel room for a month, has been sentenced to at least 25 years in prison
Alphonso Russell, 48, subjected the victim to sexual assaults, tortured and pimped her out to friends
‘Make Daddy proud’: Russell allegedly said to victim after he brought home friends and forced her to have sex with them as she begged to be let off
“Now you know where a woman’s place is,” Russell told victim, after forcing into rough, non-consensual sex acts on other occasions
Russell was convicted in April of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, unlawful imprisonment, domestic violence and assault by strangulation
Sentencing was on Friday, July 27
Three other women, including two of his  ex-wives, testified for the prosecution – confirming that Russell, who has two previous domestic violence convictions, repeatedly raped and strangled them during their relationships

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