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Indiana woman, 19, arrested for making false claims after reporting her twisted ‘rape fantasy’ to police

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Teen’s twisted ‘rape fantasy’ ends in her own arrest
 Indiana teen’s twisted “rape fantasy” led her to allegedly stage her own sexual assault on July 3
Marguerite ‘Maggie’ Wallace, 19, was arrested Monday over her bogus claims that she was sexually assaulted last month on a jog at Mounds State Park in Anderson
Cops tracked down  17-year-old boy who revealed that he met Wallace when he responded to her post about a “rape fantasy” on the app Whisper
After an initial first denial Wallace admitted she’d lied about being raped
She was arrested and charged for the false report, bond was set at $3,000
Marguerite 'Maggie' Wallace 1.jpgMarguerite ‘Maggie’ Wallace was arrested for filing a false rape claim

An Indiana teen’s deliberately plot to create and report a rape hoax as truth has led to her arrest by police.
Marguerite ‘Maggie’ Wallace acted out her “rape fantasy”  which included staging her own sexual assault, then falsely reported the encounter to police, according to officials.
Wallace, 19, was arrested Monday over her bogus claims that she was sexually assaulted last month on a jog at Mounds State Park in Anderson, news station WTHR reported.
The teen initially told authorities July 3 that a man crept up behind her, grabbed her and threw her to the ground.
Wallace said she punched and scratched her attacker until a bystander came to her aid, according to the Herald Bulletin.
Using her credit card information, Madison County Sheriff’s Department investigators tracked down a 17-year-old Indianapolis male  who told them he met Wallace through an application called “whisper,” a social media site where participants usually communicate anonymously.
According to the Madison County Sheriff’s dept “The juvenile claimed he responded to a post from the female who was looking for someone to fulfill a ‘rape fantasy “.
The teen boy said he had several conversations with Wallace before they agreed to meet July 3 in the park to act out the sexual fantasy, according to officials.
Investigators said they reviewed screenshots of the conversations that corroborated his version of events.
Officers confronted Wallace with the new information, which she first denied before admitting that she didn’t tell authorities the truth, according to WTHR.
She was arrested and booked at Madison County Jail on charges of falsely informing police. Her bond was set at $3,000.
“While this is extremely frustrating, on several levels, I am very proud of the work our Detective Division performed,” Sheriff Scott Mellinger said

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