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Billionaire ‘Crime fighter’ Henry Nicholas, 59, arrested in Las Vegas ‘with a hotel room full of drugs alongside his girlfriend, Ashley Fargo, who was passed out with a balloon in her mouth’ – Fargo is the former wife of a Wells Fargo heir

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Broadcom co-founder, 59, and his girlfriend is arrested in Las Vegas on Tuesday on drug charges
‘with a hotel room full of drugs alongside his girlfriend who was passed out with a balloon in her mouth’
Former Broadcom CEO Henry Nicholas III, and his girlfriend, Ashley Fargo, ex-wife of Wells Fargo heir, Ashley Fargo, have been charged with drug trafficking 
Unable to get into his room at the Encore Las Vegas , Nicholas summoned security who entered and  found Ashley Fargo unresponsive  with a half-inflated balloon in her mouth
Paramedics were able to revive her, and Nicholas admitted to hotel security that balloon and canisters found in the room contained laughing gas
Police that were called to the scene found cases similar to ones used to carry weapons stuffed with marijuana, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy 
Nicholas helped start Broadcom in 1991 and left the company in 2003, his  current net worth is estimated at $3.1billion  
Nicholas in 2010 was indicted on securities fraud, conspiracy and federal narcotics charges, which were all later dismissed
Henry Nicholas III [left], and his girlfriend Ashley Fargo [right] 1Billionaire ‘Crime fighter’ Broadcom co-founder Henry Nicholas III [left)],and his girlfriend Ashley Fargo [right], have been arrested in Las Vegas in drug trafficking charges

The billionaire co-founder of the semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom and his glamour girlfriend have been arrested in Las Vegas on drug trafficking charges after police responding to a medical emergency, reportedly discovered cases of heroin, cocaine and other drugs in the couple’s hotel room.
According to TMZ, the incident began unfolding on Tuesday when controversial tech tycoon and philanthropist Henry Nicholas III, 59, was unable to enter his room at the four-star Encore Hotel and called security.
When hotel personnel gained access into the room, they reportedly found Nicholas’ girlfriend, Ashley Fargo, lying unresponsive with a partially inflated balloon sticking out of her mouth.

Henry Nicholas III and Ashley Fargo 4Sober: Ashley Fargo with Henry Nicholas III

Paramedics who were summoned to the scene were able to revive Fargo, after which hotel security began questioning Nicholas about the balloon and canisters found in the room.
Nicholas reportedly admitted that the receptacles contained nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas.
Encore personnel also observed several cases in the room that looked similar to those used to transport weapons, and contacted police.
Responding officer opened the cases and discovered a large quantity of marijuana, as well as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy pills, which were stamped with the likeness of Winnie the Pooh,  TMZ reported.
Nicholas, whose current net worth is estimated at $3.1billion, according to Forbes, and his girlfriend, whose ex-husband is a banking heir, were arrested on felony drug trafficking charges.
This is not Nicholas’ first run-in with the law: in 2008, the flamboyant former CEO of Broadcom was indicted on securities fraud, conspiracy and federal narcotics trafficking charges, which were all later dismissed.
Nicholas helped launch Broadcom in 1991 with his business partner Henry Samueli and became a billionaire when the chipmaker went public seven years later.

He resigned from the board of Broadcom in 2003, saying he wished to reconcile with his then-estranged wife, Stacy, and spend more time with their three children, but retained a 3 per cent stake in his company.
The couple divorced in March 2008, putting an end to their 20-year marriage, which had begun crumbling after Mrs Nicholas allegedly caught her husband with a prostitute inside his secret sex lair situated in a tunnel beneath the family’s sprawling Laguna Hills estate.
These salacious allegations first came to light in 2002, when a contractor hired by Nicholas to build a $30million underground complex under his mansion sued the billionaire, accusing him of failing to pay construction workers for their labor, reported Los Angeles Times. 
The plaintiffs in the case also claimed that Nicholas had a ‘manic’ obsession with prostitutes, whom he would bring to his personal subterranean ‘brothel,’ and that he was addicted to cocaine and ecstasy.
The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court.
Since his departure from Broadcom, Nicholas has been devoting his time and money to charity work and has emerged as a leading crime victims’ rights advocate.

Ashley Fargo and Brian Fargo 3.png
At one time, Ashley Fargo was married to wealthy video game designer Brian Fargo [photos L-R], a scion of the family that created Wells Fargo and American Express

He donated millions from his fortune to create a so-called ‘crime victims’ bill of rights’— dubbed Marsy’s Law after his sister Marsalee Nicholas, who was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend in 1983 – and add the legislation to California’s state constitution in 2008.
Over the past decade, Nicholas has been working to introduce versions of Marsy’s Law to other states, including Illinois and Ohio.
Marsy’s Law requires that crime victims be notified and heard in most criminal proceedings, receive protection and ‘full and timely’ restitution and be allowed to confer with prosecutors.
Little is known about Ashley Fargo, beyond the fact that at one time she was married to Brian Fargo, a successful video game designer and scion of the family that created Wells Fargo and American Express.


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