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CCTV shows knife-wielding Louis Vuitton model, 24, chasing catwalk rival before stabbing him to death in fight over a girlfriend – as trio are convicted over the killing

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CCTV shows knife-wielding Louis Vuitton model, 24, chasing catwalk rival before stabbing him to death in fight over a girlfriend – as trio are convicted over the killing
Dramatic CCTV footage shows the moment Harry Uzoka was chased by Merse Dikanda, George Koh and Jonathan Okigbo
George Koh who was obsessed with catwalk rival Harry Uzoka’s success, court heard
Claimed to have slept with his girlfriend Ruby Campbell in Instagram messages
Mr Uzoka was stabbed in the heart, shoulder and back after fight in west London 
Koh was found guilty of murder alongside Merse Dikanda at the Old Bailey today
George Koh was obsessed with catwalk rival Harry Uzoka’s success and had boasted in Instagram messages he had slept with the GQ star’s girlfriend Ruby Campbell.
25-year-old Uzoka was fatally knifed in the heart, shoulder and back after a confrontation with Koh, 24, in Shepherd’s Bush, west London, in January 2018.
The victim Uzoka was chased and cornered around a parked car by Koh and three friends before his rival stabbed him three times with the knife.
The severely injured Uzoka stumbled towards his Shepherd’s Bush home, but collapsed and died on the sidewalk outside.

Mr Uzoka also starred in campaigns for Zara and Mercedes and regularly modelled for clothing line Everlane.
He was signed up by world renowned agent Premiere Model Management, who helped launched the career of Naomi Campbell.
George Koh murdered lookalike fellow model Mr Uzoka,  in a fatal confrontation in the street in Shepherd’s Bush, after they had sparred verbally on social media.
The feud escalated when Koh met up with a female French model and bragged that he had slept with Mr Uzoka’s girlfriend.
The pair arranged to meet face-to-face. Uzoka and his music video editor pal Adrian Harper took dumbbell bars for extra protection in the event of a confrontation. However, their rivals were armed with knives and what they thought was a gun during the stand-off
Koh and pal Merse Dikanda, 24, armed themselves with knives.
A third man, 24-year-old personal trainer Jonathan Okigbo, also backed the duo in the fight.
The footage, released by police, shows the trio chase Uzoka and a friend through a carpark in Ollgar Close, Shepherd’s Bush, close to the victim’s home.
The group can be seen brandishing weapons as they chase Mr Uzoka and his friend into a carpark before re-appearing.
One of the men, later identified as Koh, wipes his blade on his trouser leg before the group huddle in a doorway following the fatal stabbing.
At the Old Bailey this afternoon, Koh and Dikanda were both found guilty of Mr Uzoka’s murder. Okigbo was cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter.
Koh stood with his hands in his pockets as the verdicts were delivered, displaying little emotion. Okigbo shook his head and slumped in his chair as he was convicted.

Koh, a former Louis Vuitton and Paul Smith model, previously posted a photo on Instagram of David Beckham standing in front of his photo at London Fashion Week.

The defendant claimed he acted in self-defence and only wanted to meet face to face for him to apologise to his rival for thinking he had bedded Ms Campbell.
All three defendants, including Koh, and his two friends who were also at the scene, Jonathan Okigbo and Merse Dikanda, all denied murder.
Koh had already pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of two knives, but Dikanda denied having an offensive weapon, a machete and knife.
At the Old Bailey today a jury found Koh and Dikanda guilty of murder after 18 hours of deliberation. Okigbo was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.
Dikanda was also found guilty of two counts of possessing a bladed weapon. None of the defendants reacted as the verdicts were returned.

But during her one night’s stay he was said to have tried to kiss her and force her to perform a sex act.
When she protested Koh began asking about Mr Uzoka and would not believe her when she insisted they had never met.
Judge Wendy Joseph adjourned the hearing until September 21 all three will sentenced.
She added: ‘I want impact statements from Harry’s family who have sat through the trial day after day with such dignity.
‘I want to know how all this has impacted on them, not that it’s hard to imagine but I want to hear it from them.’
All three were remanded in custody until they are sentenced next month.


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