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Close friend who discovered Bobbi Kristina dead of a drug overdose in a bathtub, dead in similar circumstance -Max Lomas OD’s on a friend’s bathroom floor in Mississippi

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Friend who discovered Bobbi Kristina dead of an overdose in a bathtub is found dead of an OD at a friend’s house in Mississippi
Max Lomas was found unresponsive on bathroom floor at a friend’s house on Wednesday; a syringe was found nearby 
Lomas, 27, who admitted that he was doing drugs on the night in the home Bobbi Kristina shared with husband, Nick Gordon, found Whitney Houston’s 22-year-old daughter overdosed in a tub in January 2015 
Lomas had a troubled past that included arrests on drug and gun charges 
He and Bobbi Kristina daughter dated as teenagers and remained friends 
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Tragic end: Max Lomas [seen in 2014 mug shot],  reportedly overdosed on drug at a friend’s home in Mississippi on Wednesday. His death comes three years after he found his friend, Bobbi Kristina Brown, dead in a tub

A key player in the drug related death of entertainment heiress, Bobbi Kristina Brown, died Wednesday in similar circumstances.
Strikingly, Max Lomas a close friend of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, who found her dead in a bathtub in 2015, was found unresponsive on a friend’s bathroom floor on wednesday. He later died of a suspected drug overdose.
As TMZ first reported on Friday, citing a local law enforcement source, Max Lomas was staying with a friend in Mississippi and went to use the bathroom.
As time passed and Lomas failed to emerge, the friend became concerned for his welfare.
A syringe was reportedly found next to his limp body. The 27-year-old was rushed to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Bobbi Kristina 2.jpgEntertainment heiress Bobbi Kristina [left] seen right with her parents Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown, was found dead in a tub in her home, caused by a drug overdose

Lomas, who had a troubled past involving drug and gun charges, made national headlines three years ago when on January 31, 2015, he found Bobbi Kristina in the bathroom of the Roswell, Georgia, home that he shared with the 22-year-old and her husband, Nick Gordon.
Lomas, who dated Bobbi Kristina when they were teenagers and stayed friends with her and Gordon, later told People magazine that she was not breathing when he found her.
He said he called 911 as hysterical Gordon performed CPR on his wife in an attempt to revive her.
Lomas, then aged 24, also revealed that Bobbi Kristina and her husband had gotten into a heated argument in the hours before she ended up in the tub over his alleged dalliance with a stripper.
‘I knocked on the door, and that is when I see her floating in the water,’ Lomas told the magazine. ‘I pull her out – the water is freezing – and lay her on her back. She wasn’t breathing.’
Lomas admitted he was doing drugs that evening and claimed that both Bobbi Kristina and her husband were ‘all bad into drugs.’
Bobbi Kristina passed away on July 26, 2015, after spending months in a coma.
Three years prior, her mother Whitney Houston was found dead in a bathtub at a Beverly Hills Hotel in similar circumstances. Coroner’s officials ruled the singer’s death was caused by heart disease with cocaine was a contributing factor.
The 2016 autopsy report on Bobbi Kristina showed that her face being immersed in water, along with drug intoxication, led to her death.
Cannabis, alcohol, sedatives and anxiety medications in her system all contributed to her passing but the ‘underlying cause’ of death was ‘immersion associated with drug intoxication’.
Lomas’ rap sheet included charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of Xanax, and possession of a firearm stemming from a January 2015 arrest.
In 2011, he was charged with to two counts of battery causing visible harm and one count of possession of alcohol as a minor, but all the counts were later dismissed.

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