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North Carolina girl, 15, shoots dead her mother’s abusive boyfriend! Steven Kelley was choking his girlfriend when he was shot, but teen won’t be charged – police

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‘Just desserts’

A teenage girl who shot dead her mother’s abusive boyfriend as he choked her and will NOT be charged
A 15-year-old girl shot and killed her mother’s 46-year-old boyfriend to save her from imminent asphyxiation
Steven Kelley threatened to cut Chandra Nierman’s throat in the Forest City, NC home the pair shared with Nierman’s three children
Nierman’s daughter, 15, fired a gun at Steve Kelley during his rampage, killing him just after midnight on August 8 
Prior to the shooting, Kelley had threatened to cut his 44-year-old girlfriend’s throat, and kill everyone in the house,
No charges were brought against the teen shooter as shooting was rule to be justified against Kelley who had violent history
Chandra Nierma [left], and Steven Kelley, [right], 2Steven Kelley, [right, L-R] was found dead from gunshot wounds after midnight on August 8 in a Forest City home he shared with his girlfriend Chandra Nierman, [left L-R] and her three children
Two children shoot dead their mom's abusive boyfriendPrior to the shooting, Kelley  had threatened to slit Nierman’s  throat and kill everyone in this home, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office said
Two children shoot dead their mom's abusive boyfriendSteve Kelley before his death terrorized the household on several occasions, including firing multiple rounds from a firearm inside the house [photo], just days earlier -police

Multiple guns were found by police in the house and on Kelley’s body that belonged to him.
On Friday, Lt. Jamie Keever presented the case to the District Attorney’s Office where it was found the shooting was justified and no charges will be filed against the children.
All five had recently moved to the area from Indiana.
The children have not been named because they are minors.
Nierman, her children and Kelley had recently moved to the area from Indiana, reported McDowell News.
A press release after highlighted that Kelley kept “multiple” guns in the home and had threatened Nierman in the past. Five days before the shooting, Kelley had “assaulted Nierman and fired multiple rounds from a firearm inside the residence to threaten and terrorize Nierman,” the release said.
No domestic violence calls had been made from the family’s home in the past, but two women (one in Ohio and one in Indiana) have existing “domestic violence protection orders” against Kelley, the sheriff’s office statement said.

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