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Massachusetts ‘serial killer’ Stewart Weldon, hit with 52 charges including murder, rape and kidnapping after the bodies of three women were found at his home

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Stewart Weldon is arraigned in Springfield District Court on a new charge of kidnapping on Monday, June 4, 2018, in Springfield, Mass. The Massachusetts kidnapping suspect who lives in a home where three dead bodies have been found has returned to court to face an additional kidnapping charge. A not guilty plea was entered Monday. (Don Treeger/The Republican via AP)
Suspected ‘Serial killer’ is hit with slew of charges after the bodies of three women were found at his home
Weldon, 40, was arrested in May after after a car chase, cops found a woman with severe injuries in the car – She told police she’s been kidnapped and abused by Weldon for a month 
Alleged kidnapping victim has two children with Weldon, and they all lived together on a property in Springfield, MA., owned by his mother
Investigators searching the home found the bodies of three area women, missing for months – Kayla Escalante, 27, America Lyden, 34, and 47-year-old Ernestine Ryans
A 25-year-old woman was also being held ‘captive’ by Weldon in his car
Stewart Weldon on Thursday was indicted on 52 criminal charges, including three counts of murder
The indictment also includes counts of strangulation, aggravated rape and aggravated kidnapping involving a total of 11 women
Bodies found in kidnapping suspect’s home included missing women Hampden DA Anthony Gulluni said Monday All three remains found at the Springfield, Mass., home of Stewart […] I I
The slain women whose bodies were found in late May at a home on Page Boulevard in Springfield owned by Weldon’s mother were identified as 47-year-old Ernestine Ryans, 34-year-old America Lyden and 27-year-old Kayla Escalante.

Officials searched the property days after Weldon was pulled over for a broken light and his 25-year-old girlfriend who was riding in his car said she had been held against her will, beaten and sexually assaulted for a month.
She had ‘grotesque’ injuries including stab wounds to the abdomen and a possible fractured jaw.

America Lyden (left), Kayla Escalante (center) and Ernenstine Ryans (right) 2.JPGIn May police searching the Springfield property occupied by Weldon discovered the remains of three missing area women: L-R America Lyden, Kayla Escalante [center] and Ernenstine Ryans
The kidnapped woman  was only rescued because police noticed her captors  broken tail-light  Steward Weldon, 47, was arrested after a car chase Sunday, cops found a woman […]

Prosecutors say Weldon has been indicted on offenses against a total of 11 victims spanning  one year, but they offered no information on the other eight victims, reported
Weldon’s attorney, Brian Murphy, said Weldon is ‘looking forward to defending himself against these horrific allegations in the court of law.’
After his May 27 arrest, he was charged with kidnapping and rape to assault.

On June 4, Weldon returned to court to face a second kidnapping charge, this time in relation to a fifth adult woman who he is alleged to have mistreated in February this year.
Weldon’s aunt said after his arrest that he had been ‘off his meds’ and that ‘something snapped’ in him.

Weldon has an extensive criminal record dating back to his teenage years.
In October 2017, Stewart Weldon was arrested after trying to flee police who watched him beat an unidentified woman in the street.
It took nine police officers armed with batons and stun guns to subdue him and he bit one of them as they wrestled him into handcuffs.
He spent two months in jail on charges of assault but was released in December after posting $2,500 in bond and pleading the Probation Department to be allowed out so that he could witness the birth of his child.
He was granted bail and was fitted with an electronic ankle monitor which he cut off in February 2018.

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