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Kylen Holliman was found with cuts and bruises walking down an Arkansas highway on Monday. He has been called  a
 ‘Hero’ for Saving his Infant Brother and leading rescuers to his mother’s body after she was Killed in car wreck 

Two brothers aged just three and one survived alone in the American wilderness for days after a car crash that killed their mum went unnoticed.
Authorities were only alerted after toddler Kylen Holliman, three, was spotted wandering along a busy motorway in Camden, Arkansas covered in cuts and bruises on Monday.
Police from the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office took the child in and posted a photo of him on their Facebook page in a bid to find his family. members of the family were later tracked down by officer and they revealed that they had not seen the boys’ mother or the children in days.
When they went back to the scene where Kylen was picked up, officers found the wreckage of a car at the bottom of a deep ravine, not visible from the road.
Ouachita County investigators n believe the crash happened Friday which means the two children were trapped in the wrecked car for four days instead of two as earlier published, before three-year-old Kylen managed to get out of his car seat and get help.

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Police releasing a photo of Kylen Holliman that helped alert his family to his plight. Cops went back to the crash site, rescued his one-year-old brother, and recovered his mother’s body
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Three-year-old Kylen Holliman crawled out of the car’s sunroof to look for help after the crash that killed his mother

Inside they found Kylen’s one-year-old brother awake and alert and fastened in his car seat.
Their mother Lisa Holliman, 25, had been ejected from the vehicle but had died.
Her father James Holliman who is in the process of obtaining custody of his grandchildrn, told Fox16  his daughter took her boys everywhere she went.
He also called Kylen a “hero” after learning the tot managed to crawl out of his car seat, through the sunroof and up a hill covered in bushes to find help.
James added: “It was hard to see my grandson, you know, laying there like that… all cut up.
“When he climbed out of that car, seeing his mother dead like that like she was, he tried to wake his mom up.”

The car wreck was discovered after officers returned to the crash site 
The car wreck was discovered after officers returned to the crash site, with the one-year-old still trapped inside. Their mom had died when she was thrown out of the crash vehicle 

Investigators said it was a miracle both boys survived so long without food or water.
Ouachita County Sheriff’s Detective Lt Nathan Greeley said when they found the one-year-old in the wreckage he was “turned sideways, in a position upside down” and it was clear both boys had been through “pure hell”. – The one-year-old is recovering at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and is expected to survive.
Tragically Lisa Hollis was four weeks pregnant when she died. Her family discovered from hospital staff after her death.
The cause of the wreck remains under investigation and Arkansas State Police is also investigating.