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White supremacists are jailed for more than five years for savagely beating a black man with sticks and a riot shield at the Charlottesville rally

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Judge throws the book at ‘Evil’ white supremacists for savage mob beat down of a black man with sticks and a riot shield during the violent “Unite The Right” rally in the Charlottesville, Va
Alex Michael Ramos and Jacob Goodwin were caught on camera brutally bashing DeAndre Harris in a car park
Goodwin, 23, was jailed for eight years with two extra suspended, plus five years probation and a $5,000 fin
34-year-old Alex Ramos who the judge described as evil was jailed for six years, three more years suspended with probation after time served
Goodwin and Ramos were among the group of white supremacists caught on cell phone camera assaulting DeAndre Harris in Charlottesville Aug 12
DeAndre Harris, 21, needed 10 staples to close a gash in his head after he was punched and pummeled with fists and a metal flagpole
Harris also suffered a broken wrist, along withe cuts and severe bruising

Two white supremacists have been jailed for more than five years for brutally beating a black man during the Charlottesville rally.
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   Alex Ramos of Georgia was jailed for six years and Jacob Goodwin of Arkansas for eight years on malicious wounding charges.
DeAndre Harris was severely injured when the pair bashed him with sticks, a riot shied, and their fists in the Market Street Parking Garage on August 12, 2017.
DeAndre Harris, injuries 5 A bloodied DeAndre Harris after he was beaten in Charlottesville by white supremacists on Aug, 12, 2017. He suffered severe head trauma, a broken wrist, and numerous cuts and bruises.

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 Video of the sickening beating showed Mr Harris being chased into the garage before Goodwin knocked him to the ground with the shield.The pair and several other men then savagely bashed him as he tried to crawl away before leaving him for dead.

Judge Richard Moore accepted a jury recommendation that Goodwin be jailed for 10 years and get $20,000 fine and empathy training.
However, he suspended two years of the sentence, added five years of probation on top, and cut the fine to $5,000.

He said the video showed one of the most brutal one-sided beatings he’d ever seen and did not buy that Goodwin attacked him out of fear.
‘You had the appearance of military or riot police. You had no rational reason to be afraid,’ he said in demolishing Goodwin’s argument, according to Daily Progress.
Judge Moore said Ramos’ actions were ‘evil’ and cited a Facebook post where he bragged about the attack on Mr Harris.


‘We stomped some ass… getting some was f**king fun,’ the post read.
Judge Moore added three years of suspended time to Ramos’ sentence so he could give him probation that would not double up with the suspended years.|’I am not bound by the jury verdict, I find it to be correct in this case; in my view, you caused more harm,’ he said.
Daniel Borden and Tyler Davis were also charged with malicious wounding for their part in the beating, who are yet to be convicted.

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Borden did not admit his guilt but acknowledged the prosecution had enough to convict him, sending the case straight to sentencing. He faces up to 20 years jail.
Davis pled not guilty and is out on bail, next due to appear in court on October 3 with a trial date not yet set.
Mr Harris was found not guilty of misdemeanor assault in a separate incident earlier in the day when video showed him hitting a man with a flashlight.
He successfully testified that he thought the man was attacking his friend with a flagpole and tried to knock the weapon out of his hand but missed.


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