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Woman held shackled and chained up in a shipping container for two months by Todd Kohlhepp, is awarded $6.3million from the estate of the notorious South Carolina serial killer, who has confessed he slayed seven people

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Woman abducted shackled and chained up in a shipping container for two months by a local businessman who turned out to be a serial killer is awarded $6.3million from his estate
Kala Brown, 31, was awarded $6.3million from estate of Todd Kohlhepp, the notorious South Carolina serial killer who slayed seven people
Kohlhepp kidnapped her in 2016 and her boyfriend Charlie Carver in August, 2016 – Kohlhepp murdered Carver but kept Brown shackled in a shipping container for two months at his farm property in Spartanburg, SC
After police found Brown chained up in a shipping container on his land, he led them to the shallow graves of three of his victim
He is serving seven life sentences after he confessed to killing several people since 2003


A woman who was chained in a shipping container by a man who killed seven people in South Carolina has won more than $6million from his estate.
A judge on Thursday awarded Kala Brown $6.3million in actual and punitive damages in her lawsuit against  Todd Kohlhepp, the real estate developer who kidnapped and abused her
The 31-year-old had been missing for two months before cellphone data led authorities to Kohlhepp’s farm property in South Carolina in November 2016.
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Kala Brown, 30, vanished without a trace in August with her boyfriend, reported missing on Aug. 31 She was found Thursday ‘chained like a dog’ in storage container in […]

Brown said she was raped each day of her captivity. Her rescue helped authorities solve seven killings in the area, including that of her boyfriend Charlie Carver who was abducted at the same she vanished.
The court-appointed receiver of Kohlhepp’s assets is still determining their value. It’s unclear how much money Brown and plaintiffs in five other lawsuits against Kohlhepp would actually receive.

Todd Kohlhepp 2.JPGTodd Kohlhepp [photo], kidnapped Brown and her boyfriend in 2016. He shot Charlie Carver and held Brown captive for two months until she was rescued by police
Kala Brown 2.JPGPolice found Brown [photo] shackled in a shipping container on Kohlhepp ‘ farm property two years ago, she faced her kidnapper in court last month

Kohlhepp’s string of crimes was uncovered after police rescued Brown from a storage container where she was chained at the neck and investigators found a body buried in a shallow grave.

Brown told investigators she saw Kohlhepp shoot and kill her boyfriend, 32-year-old Charles Carter, who went with her for a cleaning job on Kohlhepp’s property in rural Spartanburg County.
Kohlhepp raped Brown while holding her against her will, and told her he had also killed a husband and wife in December 2015, burying their bodies on his land.
Johnny Joe Coxie, 29, had been killed immediately, and Kohlhepp kept 26-year-old Meagan Leigh McCraw-Coxie alive for six days before shooting her in the back of the head on Christmas, Solicitor Barry Barnette said.

kala-brown-and-charlie-carver2Kala Brown (left) and her boyfriend Charlie Carver were reported missing, August 31, 2016. Kohlhepp murdered Carver but kept Brown shackled in a shipping container

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