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Former Spice girl Mel B going to rehab for alcohol and sex addiction – PTSD diagnosis after ‘incredibly difficult six months’

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Mel B going to rehab for alcohol and sex issues after PTSD diagnosis
Mel, 43, revealed she is checking into a clinic after battling issues with booze and post-traumatic stress disorder
Mel is dealing with the fallout from her bitter divorce from Stephen Belafonte admitted she is ‘fully aware I have been at a crisis point’
Mel’s close pal Rusty Updegraff claims she is ‘sex-crazed’, and slept with up to three men in one day, revealed she slept with singer Aaron Carter, 30
The contentious and protracted divorce ended in August, after which the judge ordered Mel B to pay Belafonte’s $350K legal fees
Mel B  4.jpgFormer Spice Girl Mel B heads for ‘Proper’ rehab after revealing she is checking into a clinic – battling issues with booze and sex addiction, as well as, related post-traumatic stress disorder after her long tortuous divorce from producer Stephen Belafonte

Mel B, 43, says she is getting help for issues with alcohol and sex after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.
“The past six months have been incredibly difficult for me. I’ve been working with a writer on my book, ‘Brutally Honest,’ and it has been unbelievably traumatic reliving an emotionally abusive relationship and confronting so many massive issues in my life from the death of my dad to my relationship with men,” the “America’s Got Talent” judge revealed during an interview on Sunday.
The singer finalized her bitter divorce from Stephen Belafonte earlier this month after more than a year of court battles over custody and spousal support.
“I’ve also been through more than a year of court battles which have left me financially battered and at the mercy of the legal system which is completely weighted against emotionally abused women because it’s very hard to prove how someone took away all your self-respect and self-worth,” Mel, 43, continued. “… Sometimes it is too hard to cope with all the emotions I feel. But the problem has never been about sex or alcohol — it is underneath all that.”
She says she was diagnosed with PTSD on Aug. 9, and, “after trying many different therapies I started a course of therapy called EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), which in a nutshell works on the memory to deal with some of the very painful and traumatic situations I have been through.”
She is entering a “proper therapy program” in the UK in the next few weeks, she said.
During her divorce battle, Mel alleged that Belafonte forced her to have sex with other women and filmed the encounters, then threatened to release the sex videos if she ever tried to leave him. She also accused Belafonte of having an affair with their nanny and forcing her to get an abortion.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte 3.jpgMel B [right], and ex-husband Stephen Belafonte [left], were both celebrating at the end of their long court battle, as she was ordered to pay his $350,000 legal fees

Belafonte and the nanny, Lorraine Gilles, each denied Mel’s allegations, with Belafonte claiming that it was actually Mel who filmed their sexual activity and Gilles alleging that Mel “seduced her” into seven years of threesomes with the couple. Gilles also sued Mel for defamation in response to the Spice Girl’s claims.
In court documents Belafonte accused Mel B of having substance abuse issues. Belafonte also alleged that Mel B was often intoxicated in front of her children.
Friends were shocked when Mel filed a restraining order alleging that Belafonte beat and abused her and forced her into threesomes with “random women.” One friend told us, “Forced into threesomes for nine years? She was totally participating on her own free will. She’s very sexual herself and likes girls. He’s supersexual and will bang anything.”
Mel’s own close friend Rusty Updegraff alleged to British paper The Sun, that Mel B would hook up with multiple men in a single day, claiming fellow troubled singer Aaron Carter was one of them.

Rusty Updegraff 1.jpgDishing:  Rusty Updegraff upended his friend Mel B’s claims of being an abused victim in the circumstances of her marriage

After Mel B filed court documents claiming that Belafonte made her have sex with other women and got their German nanny Lorraine Gilles, 26, pregnant, while both Belafonte and Gilless denied being abusive and the pair finally divorced in December.
Meanwhile, Mel’s best pal — and another former nanny — has told of her out-of-control boozing and wild bedroom romps.
Restaurateur Rusty Updegraff claims Mel slept with three men in one day and has bedded a string of hunks including ex-teen popstar, Aaron Carter.
He revealed Mel drinks tequila, beer and wine, plus so much vodka she once blacked out.
Worried Rusty, 59, said from his LA home: “Mel has got crazier over the years and I’ve had enough. I cannot deal with it any more.
“I know people will say it’s none of my business – but she won’t listen to anyone. I hope this is a wake-up call for her.
“She needs help, but lives in her own little world. “She is drinking every day that she isn’t working. Her sexual appetite is out of control.
“You can’t take any straight guy round to her house.
“I also worry about her spending. She gets paid a lot of money but just wastes it. She thinks she’s like the Kardashians!”
Rusty, close friends with Mel B since they were first introduced to Mel in 2003 fell out
when she began dating producer Belafonte.
“I got into a big fight with him,” he recalls. “I tried to warn her he was abusive but she wouldn’t listen.”
The end of that marriage in March last year paved the way for a reconciliation in November.
In February, Rusty agreed to help with childcare, with Mel offering £780 a week and her Subaru car to ferry around her kids.
But he says he began to witness erratic behaviour from Mel, who was drinking up to six times a week.
Last September Belafonte accused Mel of being hooked on cocaine and booze. He claimed she agreed to take a daily dose of prescription drug Antabuse to tackle alcoholism.
Rusty confirmed the rumours of large alcohol consumption on off days.
“Mel keeps it together when she’s on America’s Got Talent and does not drink.
“She is professional. But she’s drinking most days she isn’t working,” he said.
“She will work out at 9am and be on the booze at 10am. She likes to drink straight vodka.
“She says writing the book has brought back upsetting feelings about her dad and her marriage and I feel she is drinking more because of that.
“She gets drunk quite quickly. When she’s drunk, she knows everything. She’s like, ‘I have it all, I can do it all. I manage myself’. But she can’t.
“A few weeks ago she was still drinking vodka – so much so that I had to pour some of it out of the bottle and replace it with water.”
Rusty claims Mel blacked out on a vodka-fuelled trip to Palm Springs in the Californian desert.
He also told how single Mel has had trysts with a series of men over the past year.
He says they include US actor Danny Lopes, 36, a mystery Frenchman and singer Aaron Carter, 30, whose brother Nick is in the Backstreet Boys.
Rusty said: “I’ve known her have sex with three men in a day and then they are on rotation.
“She’d be doing this guy and that guy, and then the chauffeur who brings her home.

Mel B and Lorraine Gilles 1
Contrary to her court filing, Mel B [left], filmed threesomes between herself, her husband and their children’s nanny, Lorraine Gilless [right]. Former German aupair Gilless made the claim in a lawsuit in the US.
Aaron Carter 1.jpgMel’s friend rusty Updegraff  described her as ‘sex crazed’ – That she would sleep with up to three men in one day.  Updegraff claims Mel slept with singer Aaron Carter, [photo] 

The pair were both in a celebratory mood l early september at the end of their contentious and protracted court battle. The singer was ordered to pay Belafonte’s $350,000 legal fees.
A Los Angeles judge ruled that the former Spice Girl,has to pay the producer half the sum within 30 days and the other half when their $7.7 million mansion is sold.
Judge Mark Juhas threw out restraining orders the warring couple had tried to slap on each other.
The estranged couple were also ordered to set aside $1 million when they sell their former marital home to pay back taxes they owe.
“America’s Got Talent” star Mel was also ordered to pay Belafonte $5,000 a month in child support for their 6-year-old daughter, Madison.
After the hearing, Belafonte said: “I’m ecstatic, I’m going to Disneyworld. I got everything I wanted and we could have settled this months ago. It’s such a relief that it’s finally over.


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