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Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov debuts electric ‘super car’ it says will to compete with and outperform Tesla models

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According to the Kalashnikov, the electric car, fully developed will be capable of generating speeds much faster higher than current electric cars produced by the company.
The nominal power of the Kalashnikov’s CV-1 is 220 kW, the maximum power is 500 kW. with an anticipated cruising range is 350 kilometers per hour. Current prototypes include the  UV-4 intended which puts out up to 50 kW, with a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour.
“This [new] technology will allow us to stand in line with the world’s electric car manufacturers, like Tesla, and compete with them,” the company told Sputnik News.
“We were inspired by the experience of world market leaders when creating our concept.”
Kalashnikov seeking to expanded beyond firearms, recently launched a clothing line and a host of accessories, like umbrellas and smartphone covers.
Earlier this week, the company was mocked after unveiling its new manned robot called “Igorek”, or “little Igor.” One person posted a photo of a man on all fours to make fun of the clunky creation.

Kalashnikov robot 1.jpgCluncky: Kalasnikov’s 13 -foot tall, 4.5-tonne, manned robot, Igorek, is designed for “carrying out engineering and combat tasks”

Earlier this week, Kalashnikov unveiled Igorek, aka “little Igor”, a 13 -foot tall, 4.5-tonne, manned robot designed for “carrying out engineering and combat tasks”.
In an era when robotics is trending towards smaller, sleeker and smarter devices, the company was mocked over the robot’s bulky old-fashioned design, Kalashnikov later said it plans to improve the unwieldy robot’s design ahead of an exhibition in 2020.



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