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Daycare owner, 60, arrested for strapping children in carseats and leaving them shut in her bedroom closet with restraints around their necks – Rebecca Anderson was rumbled after a worried dad planted a spycam on his 6-month-old son

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Rebecca Anderson the owner/operator of Becky’s Day Care out of her home in Mesquite, Texas  was arrested Saturday accused of mistreating the children
Anderson, 60, reportedly strapped children in car seats left them in her shut bedroom closet with restraints around their necks
Police were tipped off after the worried dad of a six-month-old boy planted a spycam to his car seat 
It filmed Anderson ‘yanking’ him with by his legs and bib and feeding him an unknown substance with a syringe
When police visited the house, they found four kids in their car seats with ties around their neck in the master bedroom closet
Another child was found in the same way in the bathroom and there were four more elsewhere in the home
Detectives found “shoelace-like ligatures” tied around the children’s necks, and that some of the ties had to be cut off – Anderson admitted she tied the ligatures onto the children to limit their movement
Anderson has been charged with nine counts of child endangerment
She faces a $5,000 bond for each charge, and she’s being held on $45,000 bond in a Dallas County jail
Rebecca Anderson 1.JPGRebecca Anderson [L-R], was arrested on Saturday, a day after police raided the daycare she operated out of her home in Mesquite, Texas
A middle-aged Texas daycare owner has been arrested for allegedly keeping children in closets where they were confined to their car seats at her in-home facility and feeding the tots unnecessary, unprescribed doses of pain management medication.
Rebecca Anderson was charged with nine counts of endangering a child on Friday.
Police received their tip off from the father of a six-month-old boy who had fastened a hidden camera onto his car seat when he dropped him off at Anderson’s Mesquite, Texas, home. The footage showed her the infant out of his car seat and feeding him a substance with a syringe.
60-year-old Anderson was arrested Saturday, a day after police executed a search warrant at her home where she operates the daycare and found nine children inside, some bound and restricted.

Texas, where police found five children strapped into their car seats with ties around their necks. She was also filmed yanking him by his bib, NBCDFW reports.

When police searched the house on Friday, they found three children in their car seats in the closet in her master bedroom and one more in the master bathroom.
The children had shoelace like ties around their necks which had to be cut off. Anderson said she put them on there to restrict the children’s movement.
When asked how many children were inside the home, police say she lied and told them there were only five.
They discovered another four kids moments later.
Police said after further investigation it was believed that Anderson not only mistreated the children, but evidence led investigators to believe she exposed them to unnecessary doses of over-the-counter medicine, extended periods of restricted movement and poor hygiene practices.

Rebecca Anderson's home 1Anderson was arrested Saturday at her home [photo] in Mesquite, Texas,. The daycare center  she was operating out of the home has now been shut down

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