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Scorned wife charged after she ‘repeatedly tried to run over her husband’s mistress after she confronted her about their affair’ – Keyon Smith got the mistress to admit she’d slept with her husband

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Scorned Delaware woman ‘repeatedly tries to run over her husband’s mistress after she confronted her about their affair’
Keyon Smith, 45, tried to mow her husband’s alleged mistress down with a car
Smith backed out of a parking space, and drove toward her husband’s alleged mistress, who was standing in the grass, reversed, hit the curb and repeatedly tried to hit the woman
Smith went to the parking lot of an apt complex in Dover to confront her husband’s 41-year-old ‘side piece’
Things escalated after the woman admitted to sleeping with her husband
Having failed after three attempts, Smith fled the scene, but later turned herself in and was charged with aggravated menacing and possession of a deadly weapon
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Keyon Smith, [photo], was arrested for trying to run her husband’s alleged mistress over with a car.

A Delaware wife angry about her husband’s alleged infidelity was arrested after she repeatedly tried to run his mistress over with a car, police said.

Dover cops were called to the parking lot of the Country Club Apartments on Monday afternoon where a 41-year-old woman reported that Keyon Smith tried multiple times to hit her with a car.
The victim said Smith reversed the car at her but missed and struck a curb.
Smith then tried several more times to reverse the vehicle into the woman.
A witness at the scene told officers they saw the incident and said Smith fled before police arrived.
The News Journal reports that Smith, 45, had confronted the woman about sleeping with her husband.
When the woman confessed, Smith became enraged.

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