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PA man Patrick Dowdell, 61, opens fire inside Courthouse, injuring four as he targeted his wife, the same day his domestic violence hearing was scheduled

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Irate Pennsylvania man shoots four people at a courthouse as he targeted his estrange wife on Wednesday
Patrick Dowdell, 61, opened fire inside Magistrate Courthouse in Masontown, on the same day he was scheduled for a hearing
Dowdell, 61, was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on serious domestic violence charges against his wife after she asked for a divorce
He shot through the front entrance injuring four before he was shot dead by a police officer at the scene just after 2pm on Wednesday
Crystal Dowdell, 39, was uninjured, and injuries to victims were not believed to be life threatening
Patrick and Crystall Dowdell 1Patrick Dowdell [left] was killed by cops after he shot four people at a courthouse in Masontown, Pennsylvania, while targeting his wife Crystal [right]

A 61-year-old man who shot four people inside a courthouse was targeting his wife, state police have confirmed. Patrick Dowdell opened fire at the Magistrate Court in Masontown, Pennsylvania, at around 2pm on Wednesday.
Dowdell was scheduled for a preliminary hearing on domestic violence charges filed by his wife Crystal, reports KDKA, that day.
State police have confirmed that Patrick Dowdell was the man who shot four people in Masontown, Pennsylvania and that he was after his wife.
Dowdell allegedly, walked into the lobby of the municipal building armed with a handgun around 2 p.m. and began firing shots.
Crystal, 39, made a post on Facebook late on Wednesday to say she is OK and that police had taken her phone as evidence.

Witnesses at the court said they heard more than five shots and ran for cover.

Misty Fowler said: ‘I seen the lady wearing a pink shirt, she was blonde, running across the road. And then we heard pow pow.
‘And then two minutes later we heard it five more times or more than that. We all had started running and run for cover.’
David Howard, owner of Howard’s Market, told reporters that a woman came into his store to say there had been a shooting.
He said: ‘These two police officers didn’t ask a question, just took right off’
An emergency Protection From Abuse order was granted to Dowell’s wife Crystal on August 25 and on the day of the shooting it was the second court listing for his preliminary hearing.

State police have confirmed that the shooter, Patrick Dowdell, was targeting his wife Crystal.
In the PFA petition, Crystal Dowdell said she had told her husband she wanted a divorce.

The PFA is said to have been made in agreement between the couple, meaning there would be no hearing before a judge.
Dowdell was not made to give up any firearms as part of the agreement, but because of the court order he was not allowed to have a gun under federal law.

‘He shot the actor multiple times, and the actor ended up being killed.’
Masontown Police Sgt. R. Scott Miller was shot in the hand, but his injuries are not serious.
A spokeswoman said on Thursday that two men, ages 35 and 47, and a 39-year-old woman were all released from Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia, on Wednesday night.


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