A Florida woman who allegedly murdered her husband with a six-inch filet knife has told police accidentally stabbed him in the chest after slipping on dog feces.
Rachel Fidanian, 38, was arrested for second-degree murder and taken to Polk County Jail, where she reportedly offered numerous implausible and conflicting explanations for the death of her husband Bryant, 40.
According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Fidanian’s arrest warrant was finally obtained on Wednesday after a three-and-a-half month investigation.
At 9.32am on the morning of Monday, June 25, Fidanian dialed 911 to report that she had accidentally stabbed her husband at their home in Lakeland.
When emergency services arrived at the Fidanian house the suspect was reportedly standing naked with a knife at her feet.
The explanation she gave to medics was actually the third version of her account, the Sheriff’s office said.
Brian Fidanian was taken to hospital but died a short while later from a four-inch knife-wound to the left side of his chest which cut through his second rib bone and severed the pulmonary artery.

Braynt Fidanian 1Victim: Brian Fidanian suffered a four-inch knife wound in the left side of his chest, which cut through his second rib bone and severed the pulmonary artery

The Medical Examiner has ruled the death as a homicide.
During the 911 call, Fidanian said she was doing the dishes while holding their dog but then ran to her husband, slipped and accidentally stabbed him, WFLA reported.
In the same call, she told the dispatcher she had been slicing pizza with the knife while also holding her dog, turned to speak to her husband, tripped and stabbed him.

In a later account, she again said she had been slicing pizza, but then she went outside after hearing her dog whimpering.
She said she found the dog covered in feces, defecating and urinating all over the floor.
When her husband walked over to help, she apparently slipped, lunged forward and accidentally stabbed him.
Fidanian maintained throughout that the stabbing was accidental and that she did not want to go to jail.

‘Our detectives did a thorough investigation. In the end, they determined this was an intentional act of domestic violence,’ Sheriff Judd said.