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Chris Watts’ mistress, Nichol Kessinger, was searching for wedding dresses a week before murders, Googled ‘anal sex’ prior to last date and asked how much Amber Frey made from her book deal

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Investigators searched the phone of Nichol Kessinger with her permission, and uncovered a number of shocking Google searches
Kessinger spent two hours searching the internet for wedding dresses a week before Watts murdered his family
She also searched ‘how to prepare for anal sex’ and ‘the anal sex guide’ prior to her last date with Watts, which was the night before the murders
Days after the family was killed she looked up the net worth of Amber Frey and  how much she got in her book deal
Frey was the mistress of convicted killer Scott Peterson during the time he reportedly murdered his pregnant wife, Laci  
Watts also had multiple nude photos of his mistress hidden away in a secret app on his phone, accessible only by a four-digit cod
Nichol Kessinge 1.JPGInvestigators searched the phone on Nichol Kessinger seen here [image] with Watts reflected in the mirror, with her permission, and uncovered a number of shocking Google searches including ‘kinky’ sex stuff before the murders

The woman  who was having an affair with Chris Watts seemed certain that he was going to leave his wife in the weeks before her death.
Reports from the investigation into the murders of pregnant mom-of-two Shanann Watts and her daughters, Bella and Celeste reveal that her husband’s mistress, Nichol Kessinger, spent over two hours searching the internet for wedding dresses exactly one week before Watts killed his family.
Then, on the night before the murders, Kessinger spent 45 minutes Googling ‘how to prepare for anal sex,’ ‘the anal sex guide,’ soon after began looking at videos of threesomes on a pornographic website.

Nichol Kessinger 1Final Google search conducted by Kessinger that was noted by investigators said, came after the murders of August 19. She researched how much money Scott Peterson’s mistress, Amber Frey, made in her book deal and her net worth. 

The final Google search conducted by Kessinger that was noted by investigators  came after the murders of August 19 when she looked into how much money Amber Frey made in her book deal and her net worth, while also searching ‘did people hate Amber Frey.’Frey was the mistress of Scott Peterson during the time that he killed his wife Laci and their unborn child.
A search of Watts’ phone meanwhile found thousands of hidden photos in a secret calculator app that was only accessed by typing in a four digit code.
A number of those pics showed a nude or semi-naked Kessinger.

Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinge 1Nichol Kessinger seen [right, with Watts during a July trip], spent two hours searching the internet for wedding dresses a week before he murdered his family
Christopher Watts, Shannan, Bella and Celeste Watts 6Cold blooded deceit: Four-year-old Bella [second left] got up twice asking when her mother would be home. Her dad Chris [right], assured her that she would see Shanann in the morning, before murdering all the ladies in his life

Kessinger’s phone was not the only one investigators searched after the murders.
Shanann’s phone that was searched as well after her body was recovered, revealing that she had been on GroupOn searching for a way to afford a cheap weekend escape for her and Chris.
On the night before her death she even lined up the child care for the weekend, getting the babysitter who was watching her daughters Bella and Celeste on Saturday to return the following Friday ahead of the woman who would be spending the weekend with the girls.
At the same time, Watts was with Kessinger discussing his next steps and the apartment he planned to get when he separated from his wife.
He had told Shanann he was at a baseball game, but her suspicions had grown so strong that she told friends of her plan to confront her husband when she returned from her work trip in Arizona.

Nichol Kessinge and Chris Watts 3 Days after the family was killed Kessinger seen [left], with Chris watts just months earlier, looked up the net worth of Amber Frey and how much she got in her book deal – Writing about the experience of being the mistress of a man convicted of killing his wife and child.

In a text sent to her friend Ady, Shannon wrote out the entire speech she planned to deliver on Monday, after she had returned home and gotten some rest.
‘Can you please tell me something, because just like you, I’m in my head? I try to fix things and make them better and this is making me crazy. I know that you need time. I want to give you what you’re asking for and respect your space, I need some time. This place that I’m in, in my head, is not a good place,’ read the text.
Amber Frey was the mistress of Scott Peterson when he killed his wife Laci and their unborn child. – ‘lt is not healthy for me, or Niko. I need you to help me help you. I need you to give just a little bit of what I did, or didn’t do, so t,m not going crazy in my head to figure it out. I know I can’t fix this by myself; that, we are going to have to work together.’
She then got on a plane and was not heard from again after her friend dropped her off at home.
Watts would later send a text to her phone just before 8am asking where she was, shortly after he buried her body in a shallow grave.
He then looked up the lyrics to a Metalica, called the school his girls were set to enroll in and told them that they would not be attending and called up a hotel in Aspen.
It is unclear if he was trying to cover himself with that move or use the trip as a romantic getaway for himself and his mistress.

Amber Frey 1.JPGWas she the role model? Amber Frey [photo], was the mistress of Scott Peterson when he killed his wife Laci and their unborn child. She went on to write a biography about the experience
By that afternoon multiple people were asking about Shanann’s whereabouts, and to one inquiry Watts responded: ‘l just talked to Nicki. Shanann went to a friend’s house with the kids today. I haven’t heard from her since. I will keep you updated though.’

The situation grew increasingly fraught over the next few hours texts show, with Watts imploring people not to contact the police.
The friend who dropped Shanann off was the most concerned, writing at one point: ‘l have been to your house you won’t open your door, your alarm is set, your shoes are sitting inside, your car’s home, l am so very concerned about you right now. I need you to text me or call me and just tell me OK. lf you don’t wanna talk to nobody, you don’t wanna be around nobody, I get it, its fine, but I need to know you’re OK.’
Soon after a number of Shanann’s friends texted one another that Watts was likely behind his wife’s disappearance.
All of this within 24 hours of Watts setting his plan in motion.

At 5.06pm that evening, Watts set in motion his plan for disposing of his wife and daughters’ bodies, as he texted Roberts that he would be making the drive out to one of the more distant oil fields that was managed by his company, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.
It is also where the bodies of Shanann, Bella and Celeste were discovered just days after they went missing.
Watts, per his own admission in interviews with law enforcement officials, then took his daughters home, gave them both showers, fed them pizza and got them each a snack before putting them to bed.
He noted that both girls were eager to see their mother, who was due to return home late that night.
Hours later, the girls and their mother Shannan were all murdered in the house, and their bodies disposed of at Cervi 6-29.

He made no mention of seeing Celeste.
Watts claimed that he put the girls down before 8pm and that Bella woke up twice, running out to ask when her mom would be returning home.
The young girl’s father and soon-to-be-murderer admitted to assuring her that she would see her mother in the morning.
A babysitter, who was the sister of the birthday boy whose party Watts and the girls attended that Sunday, also spoke with an agent with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
She said that on Saturday Watts had asked her to watch the children while he attended a Rockies game, though it was later revealed that he was actually on a date with his mistress, Nichol Kessinger.
She had babysat for the girls the previous evening, when Watts had claimed to be attending a Colorado Rockies game.
The babysitter said that while watching the girls Shannan called at 7.50pm to check on the children’ while she was away and later posted a photo.
There was nothing remarkable that happened that night save for Watts returning home at 10.30pm, later than he had promised to be back at the house.
It was also her first time babysitting for the family, with the normal sitter who is a close friend of Shannon’s not called in for reasons that are not stated in the reports.

Chris Watts 3Fresh convict: Chris Watts [L-R], was transfered from the Weld County Jail to the Colorado Dept of Corrections this week
Watts set up the babysitter the night before by texting her father, stating: ‘Do you think McKenna is available to watch the girls for a few hours tomorrow night? I won a raffle at work for a Rockies game. lt’s with people I don’t know from work, but I haven’t been to a game in a while where the kids aren’t involved and only last an inning lol.’

The babysitter did have a different version of events as to what happened the following day though, saying that Watts left the party much earlier than he told authorities.
The Colorado Bureau Investigations reports that ‘[The babysitter] stated the following day, Sunday August 12, 2018, Chris, Celeste and Bella came to her home for a birthday party for her younger brother’.
‘Celeste and Bella are friends of her younger brother. [The babysitter] recalled Chris and his daughters left her home at about 3.30pm.’
Watts’ co-worker Roberts later told the an agent with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation that it was ‘unusual’ that Watts had texted him on a weekend, and stated that he did arrive to the site alone on Monday morning.
That day he did not seem to be out of sorts according to Roberts, but did make multiple trips to his car.

After strangling his wife with his hands and smothering Bella and Celeste last August, Watts loaded their bodies into his truck.
He spent a normal day at work and frequently texted his girlfriend, even as police began investigating his family’s disappearance.
In furtherance of the dastardly plot. He made calls to a real estate agent about selling the family home and told the girls’ school that they would not enroll that fall as planned.
Within days, he was charged with killing his family.
The girls’ bodies were found submerged in separate oil tanks on property owned by his employer. His wife’s body was found in a shallow grave nearby.

Christopher Watts, Shannan, Bella  and Celeste Watts 5.JPGChris Watts pled guilty earlier to killing his wife Shanann and their two daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. He was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison 

Back in court on Monday as the prosecutor detailed the injuries at the hearing, Shanann Watts’ father leaned forward, gasping.
Christopher Watts’ parents were permitted to speak at the hearing as the girls’ grandparents. Cindy and Ronnie Watts urged their son to use his reprieve from a death sentence to make a full confession.
‘We hope that he embraces that moment,’ the couple’s attorney said.
His erstwhile father-in-law Rourke doubts that moment will ever come.

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