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Police arrest Joel Schelling, ‘psychotic’ Dutch man, 23, who ‘murdered’ Sarah Papenheim, American student, 21, who tried to help the mentally unstable musician in wake of her own brother’s suicide

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Dutch authorities Wednesday  arrested ‘psychotic’ Dutch man, 23, who ‘murdered’ his American student roommate
The suspect Joel Schelling, 23, was arrested 60 miles away at the Eindhoven Railway Station shortly after the body of  Sarah Papenheim was discovered stabbed to death in her dorm room
Papenheim who was studying psychology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands was pronounced dead on the scene
Schelling was taken into custody after police searched the double bass case he was travelling with at the time and cleared the platform
 ‘Maybe he was just in a psychotic state of mind. He did not speak and almost didn’t blink his eyes,’ said the man who photographed the arrest
The psychology major had minored in suicides in the wake of her own brother taking his life, and was sympathetic to those with mental problems
Her mother believes this is why she was close to Schelling, who in recent days had become so unwound that mental health professionals came to the dorm

Sarah Papenheim 5A 21-year-old American college student, Sarah Papenheim, [photo], studying in the Netherlands was found dead in a pool of blood after allegedly being stabbed by her roommate, according to local reports.
Minnesotan Sarah Papenheim, who was studying psychology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, was brutally attacked in her apartment about a block from the campus Wednesday afternoon, CBS Minnesota reported.
“They found her in a bath of blood, stabbed to death and beat up and stabbed for no reason, but trying to be his friend,” Papenheim’s mother, Donee Odegard, told FOX 9.

Joel Schelling 1
Suspect Joel Schelling was arrested on Wednesday [on his knees] at the Eindhoven Railway Station on Thursday shortly after the body of Sarah Papenheim was discovered in her dorm room

The murder suspect, whom authorities describe as her roommate, took off after the slaying, but cops captured him getting off a train in Eindhoven, about 60 miles southeast of Rotterdam.
Papenheim who is from Minnesota, was found covered in blood and announced dead on the scene in her Rotterdam dorm room by emergency workers, who responded to her residence after hearing loud noises and arguing coming from the young woman’s room.
The suspect and victim were both residents of De Snor, a building that largely housed students studying at Erasmus University. 
Papenheim, who had been studying in Rotterdam since 2016, occupied a studio apartment on the third floor of the building. 

Sarah Papenheim 6Psychology major Sarah was a talented drummer, who had played in a few bands

The motive remains unclear at this time, and is another devastating blow for the young woman’s family. 
She had traveled to Europe to pursue her studies in psychology, and later took up a minor in suicide when her brother took his own life just days after their mother remarried. 
Donee Odegard recalled that her daughter often complained about her roommate’s temper, and that he had lots of mood swings, FOX 9 reported. Odegard advised Papenheim to get out, but her daughter refused, saying she was his “only friend.”

Sarah Papenheim with her mother and brother Josh 1Sarah Papenheim with her mother and her brother Josh. Donee Odegard, said her daughter tried to help those with mental problems in the wake of her brother’s suicide

Papenheim’s brother died of suicide just three years ago, and she’d decided to focus her studies on suicide in her brother’s memory, her mom told the outlet.
“I’ve been through this before,” Donee Odegard said regarding her daughter’s untimely death.
“I’ve cried so much, my ducts are dry. I am in the angry stage now.”
The suspect Joel Schelling was arrested on Wednesday at the Eindhoven Railway Station on Thursday shortly after the body of Sarah Papenheim was discovered in her dorm room.
A fellow musician photographed the moment that police surrounded Schelling at the station and ordered the platform to be cleared so that authorities could examine the young man’s double bass case.

Sarah Papenheim   Sarah Papenheim, a 21-year-old American college student studying in Rotterdam, Netherlands [photo], was pronounced dead on the scene after being stabbed by roommate on Wednesday
Schelling dressed in jeans and a black nylon coat, was ordered on her knees and held his behind his back as police handcuffed him and conducted their search before taking him into custody. ‘I was in the same train as him, I checked in at den Bosch and went out in Eindhoven. Then I saw a lot of police at the platform, also undercover. They went to this guy when he left the train. He stayed extremely calm, like he had just finished a yoga session,’ said the musician who took the photos. ‘Maybe he was just in a psychotic state of mind. He did not speak and almost didn’t blink his eyes.’ He went on to describe Schelling as ‘apathetic.’

Rotterdam police are continuing to investigate, spokesman Roland Ekkers told ABC 5.
“This is obviously a very, very tragic case,” Ekkers said. “We are somewhat happy we could arrest the suspect so soon, but that’s only a small drop in the pain that the family must feel. So our thoughts are with them.”
Those who knew Papenheim also described her as a talented drummer. About a year and a half ago, she played drums with the Bernard Allison Group in Bonn, Germany, video shows.
Renowned Minneapolis drummer Jellybean Johnson said he was impressed by her talent.
“I liked her because she hit the drums just as hard as guys did,” Johnson told CBS Minnesota. “So I nicknamed her ‘Thumper.’”
One of Papenheim’s bandmates, George Moye, said he was devastated by her death.
“The thing that is going through my head is that she was coming home for Christmas, and we were all so excited to see her and to hear that she was coming back that way, and that was just tragic,” Moye said.
Preparations are now being made to return her body to Minnesota just before the holiday. 
A GoFundMe page has been created to help her family with those costs.

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