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International manhunt launched for US soldier, 21, charged in murder of his wife! Peter Van Bawi Lian dumped Khuang Par’s body in a dumpster in Indianapolis, Christmas week, then fled to Thailand’

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International manhunt launched for Peter Van Bawi Lian, 21, an active duty US Army soldier, is wanted in the murder of his wife Khuang Par
27-year-old Par’s body was found inside a trash bin at an Indianapolis apt complex, in Indiana, on Dec 23
Lian is believed to have traveled on Dec 22 from his station at Fort Carson, Colorado Springs to Indianapolis wher his estranged wife had moved back in with her parents
After the killing Lian fled to Hong Kong on the day his wife’s body was found before flying to Thailand on Christmas Eve
Par was reportedly a victim of domestic abuse by her husband Lian who  had allegedly choked her yelling, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ in their native Burmese
He was arrested on second-degree assault and menacing charges after the incident
Lian was charged with murder in Par’s death on Wednesday
He is also wanted by the US Army on a military desertion warrant
An active US soldier who flew from Colorado to Indiana and allegedly killed his wife, dumped her body in a trash can and then fled to Thailand, is now wanted for military desertion, authorities say.
Prosecutors in Indiana filed murder charges Wednesday against 21-year-old Peter Van Bawi Lian for the death of Khuang Par, 27, whose body was found in an Indianapolis trash bin on December 23.
Indianapolis police say Lian flew on December 22 from his post at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs to Indianapolis, where his estranged wife Kuang Par had moved to be with family following a domestic assault incident. Peter Lian was arrested in November on charges of assaulting his wife.

Lian is also from Indianapolis and his parents still live there.
Flight records show Lian took a flight on the morning his wife’s body was found to Hong Kong. He then flew to Bangkok, Thailand, on Christmas Eve.
The Indianapolis Star reports Lian was due back at Fort Carson on December 26 but didn’t return. Army officials declared him absent without leave [AWOL], and issued a military desertion warrant on December 26.

Par was allegedly a victim of domestic abuse in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Lian had reportedly choked his wife yelling, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ in their native Burmese, according to the Indianapolis Star.
He was arrested on second-degree assault and menacing charges after the incident.

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