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Texas man Juniad Hashim Mehmood, arrested for ‘murder of his girlfriend’s 3 children at Texas home including his six-week-old gdaughter,’ as their mother, 24, shot in the head, is left fighting for her life

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Juniad Hashim Mehmood, 27, allegedly killed his six-week-old girl Ashanti Mehmood, her siblings two-year-old Prince Larry Brown and five-year-old girl Angela Pilot
The crime occurred at his girlfriend’s apt in Texas City on Jan 3
The children’s mother Kimaria Nelson, 24,  was shot in the head and was fighting for her life, after critical surgery on Friday 
As the manhunt mounted, the shooter reportedly called police to say, ‘I killed my family’, around 10pm on Thursday and turned himself in
Texas City police were called by a concerned relative around 6pm on Thursday 
Mehmood’s criminal background includes a 2014 conviction for domestic battery
Juniad Hashim Mehmood 7Juniad Hashim Mehmood, [photo], was arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend’s three children aged 5 years, 2 years, and six weeks at a Texas City apt on Jan. 3, 2018
Police in Texas City arrested a man who allegedly murdered his girlfiend’s three young children in cold blood, inside their apartment on Thursday, just hours after the grisly crime.
Six-week-old girl Ashanti Mehmood, two-year-old boy Prince Larry Brown and five-year-old girl Angela Pilot, were slayed in the incident that took place in the Texas City home located very close to a police station.
Their mother Kimaria Nelson, 24, was shot in the head and was fighting for her life on Friday. She shared the youngest baby, born a day after Thanksgiving, with the suspected killer, Juniad Hashim Mehmood.
Juniad Hashim Mehmood and kimaria Nelson1  Kimaria Nelson [right] was fighting for her life in hospital on Friday after undergoing surgery after she was was shot in the head by boyfriend Juniad Hashim Mehmood [left]a day earlir on Jan 3
Angela Pilot, and her baby sister Ashanti Mehmood 1  Angela Pilot, 5, was murdered at her family’s Texas apt on Thursday along with her Six-week-old sister Ashanti Mehmood by Juniad Hashim Mehmood

It has not been confirmed exactly how the children were killed.
Recent images show the tot’s elder sibling mesmerizing her as they celebrated Christmas.  
Police arrested Mehmood on suspicion of killing the three young children, after he reportedly told cops: ‘I killed my family.’
They received the ‘incoherent’ call around the same time they obtained warrant for his arrest. Reports say he sounded audibly distraught when held in the back of the police car.
Mehmood was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon although the investigation continues and his charges are expected to be updated. He was being held without bond. 
The suspect was wanted by police after a concerned relative called them to Pointe Ann Apartments at around 6pm Thursday.

Juniad Hashim Mehmood and Kimaria Nelson 3  The children’s mother Kimaria Nelson, [right], was in a relationship with child killer Juniad Mehmood [left], who shot her in the head on Thursday

Their grandfather Taurus Nelson, who is Kimaria’s father, said the innocent little ones didn’t deserve to be victims.
‘When I pulled up (to the police station last night) I said “this ain’t good.” And when I got out, I found that out,’ he told Click2Houston. ‘My grandbabies ain’t do nothing to him. They didn’t deserve that. No kid deserves that. I’m glad he turned himself in.’  
Nelson was rushed to University of Texas Medical Branch, a Galveston hospital, and underwent surgery. She was in stable condition Friday.

A manhunt was launched in the city, 48 miles southeast of Houston on the Gulf Coast, before the suspect called the police to turn himself in just after 10pm, the Houston Chronicle reported.
He was taken into custody peacefully at the rear of the Panera Bread restaurant on El Dorado in Webster. 
Mehmood has a criminal background dating back to 2010 and in 2014 he was jailed for hitting his girlfriend.

Juniad Hashim Mehmood arrest 1  “I KILLED MY FAMILY,” Mehmood allegedly confessed when he called police to turn himself in. Police said Mehmood was audibly distraught in the back of a patrol car as he awaited transfer into Texas City police custody.
Junaid Hashim Mehmood post 5  The suspect also posted to Facebook, apologizing to Nelson and her family.

He has also been charged with robbery, theft, evading arrest and assault causing bodily injury to a family member, according to records.
The terms of his sentence made it illegal for him to possess a firearm. 
On Thursday, Texas City police Lt. Kenneth Brown told the Houston Chronicle that the wounded woman is unable to speak to investigators.
He described Kimaria Nelson’s injuries as severe.
‘It’s a very intense scene over there,’ he told the newspaper. ‘Everybody involved is either deceased or injured.’
Mehmood appears to have three other children.
It’s not clear when he started dating Nelson

Juniad Hashim Mehmood 2  The suspect Juniad Mehmood [photo], has a history of trouble with authorities. His priors include hitting his girlfriend in 2014
His Facebook page features him cursing, an illustration of a woman performing oral sex, and Mehmood bragging about being drunk. It also shows images of food with captions such as: ‘This is how you keep your man.’
He has shared a number of memes hinting at his attitude towards females too. One reads: ‘Fake chicks wants a man who has it all. A real chick helps a man get it all.’
Another post he shared states: ‘ A real woman is a freak in the bed, a chef in the kitchen, a therapist during hard times and a coach when you’re off your game.’

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