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Atlanta man charged with his new wife’s murder after engaging in deadly shootout with gang in drug buy gone bad – Alisha Stephens was killed when Michael LaVigne opened fire on Latin Kings members who’d robbed them at gunpoint during crystal meth buy

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Alisha Watkins Stephens was killed in an Oct. 22, 2018 shooting at a DeKalb County Popeyes restaurant. Now her husband, Michael Dale LaVigne, has been charged in her death
Stephens, 35, was shot 10 times outside a Popeyes in Atlanta, Ga., after her husband of four months Michael LaVigne drew his gun and opened fire on Latin Kings drug dealers
The couple were outside a Popeyes fast food restaurant in Atlanta around 9pm, trying to buy crystal meth from two men, who robbed them instead – an argument broke out and LaVigne pulled a weapon and shots fired
Latin Kings gang member, Carlos Rodriguez, 19, robbed the couple at gunpoint, lavigne drew his gun and fired leading to the shootout, his new bride, Stephens died after she was hit 10 times
LaVigne himself is hospitalized in critical condition after being shot seven times in the shootout
After it emerged that newlywed couple had gone to the restaurant parking lot to buy meth from two men, LaVigne was indicted by a grand jury on murder, drug and firearm charges
Two alleged members of the Latin King gang, Carlos Rodriguez, 19, and 29-year-old Juan Carlos Ortiz have also been charged with felony murder   

According to police, LaVigne and Stephens were in the parking lot looking to buy drugs from two men who are alleged to be gang members when an argument broke out which led to a shootout.
Rodriguez allegedly robbed LaVigne at gunpoint, who then pulled out a firearm and let off a volley of shots, the indictment states.

Alisha Stephens 1Two weeks a bride: Mother-of-three Alisha Stephens with her children [photo], from a previous relationship. She had only been married to LaVigne for two weeks before she was gunned down
Popeyes in Atlanta, Georgia, where Alisha stephens was killed 1Stephens and LaVigne had gone to the parking lot of a Popeyes restaurant in Atlanta, Ga, [photo] to make a drug  buy [crystal meth], but ended up in a gunfight with their would be suppliers
Rodriguez and a third suspect, 29-year-old Juan Carlos Ortiz, are believed to be members of the Latin Kings gang, who allegedly orchestrated the drug sale from prison, the District Attorney’s office said.
LaVigne claimed he had no memory of what happened in the parking lot as he was shot four times in the head and was unable to attend his wife’s funeral as he was undergoing a series of surgeries.
Alisha Stephens 2Joy of new beginning: Oct 8, Alisha Stephens posted images of her new status and marriage to LaVigne on Facebook. She’d only been married for two weeks when she was killed, caught in the cross fire during her husband’s alleged drug buy
 A DeKalb grand jury last week indicted LaVigne on numerous counts, including felony murder, and drug and firearm charges and he was arrested.

Rodriguez and Ortiz are included in the 14-count indictment on charges of malice murder, felony murder, violation of street gang and terrorism prevention laws, armed robbery, aggravated assault and drugs.
Stephens, who has three children from a previous relationship, got married on October 8, two weeks before the shooting.
‘She’s got three beautiful children that she leaves behind, and my heart just hurts for them.
‘The 14-year-old is really taking it hard, but she’s a spitting image of my sister,’ Stephan’s sister Teresa Dean said at the time of the attack.
She described her killing as a ‘needless, senseless act of violence’.
‘I don’t have the money to pay for a proper funeral for her. She is so very young.
‘We are all in shock and ask for your prayers of support,’ she added.


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